Love the Lines! The Winners!

Tumbling Snowflakes by Emily Breclaw

When the entries were arriving in my inbox, I counted my blessings that I did not have to choose the winners! Each design seemed more spectacular than the last.

Barb Vlack, our wonderful judge, author, EQ Guru, teacher, and quilter did the hard work of choosing the winners. It was anonymous. She had no way of knowing who submitted each Electric Quilt project file.

<drum roll>

The Grand Prize Winner

Emily Breclaw for Tumbling Snowflakes (above)

Congratulations, Emily! You have won:

  • $500 Gift Certificate for Inklingo
    That buys a LOT of shape collections!
  • $250 Fabric Bundle of Poppy Love from Northcott
  • Deluxe Book and Software Bundle from Electric Quilt!
    Perfect for the creative quilter!
    Karen K. Stone Book & CD, Blending Photos with Fabric book, Digital Essentials book, Quilt Design Wizard, My Dream House CD, Kaleidoscope Collection CD, Amy Butler Softwares CD, Dear Jane software, Quilting Designs Vols. 1-7 CDs, Quilter’s Newsprint Sheets, Foundation Sheets, Inkjet Fabric Sheets, and Peel & Stick Fabric Sheets!
  Poppy Love from Northcott

The 3 Runner Ups

  • Cathi Godwin in Toronto
  • Christiane Wipplinger in Germany
  • Jo Moury in Virginia

Congratulations to all three of you! You have each won:

Runner Up – Persian Carpet by Cathi Godwin

Runner Up – Violet Spring by Christiane Wipplinger

Runner Up – By Jo Moury

It was not easy to pick 4 top prize winners because so many spectacular quilt designs were entered. I was amazed by your creativity and ingenuity.

Top 25

If there had been three different judges all looking at the same designs, they might all have chosen different quilts for the Top 25.

The designs are that good.

The designs are impressive, ingenius! To give you an idea of how tough it was, here are 3 more designs in Barb’s Top 25.

Top 25 – By Anneke de Weerdt

Top 25 – By Erin Klein

Top 25 – By Claudia Chang

The variety in the Top 25 shows just how many different ways Inklingo shapes can be used.

More winners!

I think everyone who entered won, because everyone who entered will receive the project files for the Top 25 designs chosen by Barb.

All  Top 25 designs will be featured on the blog, so you can see why I am so impressed with you, but only those who entered with receive the project files. (The download area will be ready as soon as possible. Stay tuned.)

UPDATE 5 MAR 2012 See more of the Top 25 HERE.

Winning Early?

Some of you told me you had “won” even before the contest ended. As one quilter said:

“One thing is for sure — this contest has made me learn more about EQ than I was ever motivated to learn before.”

Several quilters sent me similar comments about how happy they were to be able to design with Inklingo shapes in Electric Quilt.


Some quilters entered more than one design and made donations to AAQI for Alzheimers Research, and some made donations to other charities in England and Australia. It is always a good thing when there is a higher purpose.

In my eyes, every entry is a winner. I am very grateful to Barb for taking on this difficult job. Thank you!

Isn’t it wonderful that all of these designs are actually do-able? No matter how elaborate the design looks, when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, you can sew it!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you feel as inspired as I do.

Linda & Monkey

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22 thoughts on “Love the Lines! The Winners!”

  1. I sure am glad I am not a judge… all I can say is WoW and WOW!!! Love them all. I wish I would have submitted one so I could get the designs also… 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Emily, Cathi, Christiane and Jo! Very well done, as a participant I am very much looking forward to receiving the files with your designs and study them more closely!

  3. Oh my!! Beautiful! Congratulations to winners, and to all who entered! I can’t even begin to imagine the hours of enjoyment went into these creations… you ladies are truly amazing 🙂

  4. Oh my–what breathtaking designs! A hearty congratulations to all the winners. I’m looking forward to each design being detailed more.
    What is amazing to me is that complex designs such as these are possible for any of us to stitch because Inklingo simplifies accurate stitching. These are not just beautiful eye candy, they can be real projects.

  5. WOW! I’m ready to break out my Inklingo and stitch some Tumbling Snowflakes! Now I really wished I’d entered so I’d have those project files…… sigh. I’m hoping there’s another contest soon!

  6. I have been on pins and needles waiting for this announcement! Well-deserved congrats to the winners! They are so creative! I am definitely looking forward to seeing more!

  7. I agree with Lorraine! Beautiful designs! And not an easy thing to create out of imaginations! But, I must agree, easy to sew now that there is Inklingo! Congratulations to all the winners! I am looking forward to seeing the top designs here.


  8. Wow and wow!! Congratulations to the winners! The designs are jaw-dropping gorgeous and creative!! Can’t wait to see more of them!


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