Charlsey’s Inklingo Feathered Star!

Looking for inspiration?

Charlsey of Nonnie’s Cedar Chest has finished her Feathered Star quilt.

Charlsey made 16 Feathered Stars, each with a different 6 inch block in the center—wow—and as if that was not enough . . .

I think you will want to see what Charlsey did with the sashing and cornerstones!

Charlsey said:

“I used the 20” feathered star collection from Inklingo for the stars. The 6″ center block of each square is different and these were designed in EQ. I used Inklingo every time there was a shape available that I needed. Also, for this quilt, I machine pieced most of the feathered stars which is a very difficult task without Inklingo.

Inklingo enables me to attempt quilts I normally would dismiss as too cumbersome, time-consuming, or difficult. I enjoy the fact that I can be challenged in my quilt making and at the same time know that I can be successful by using Inklingo as a tool.”

After you see Charlsey’s quilt, I think you will also want to see a little VIDEO and how to sew a Feathered Star with different 6-inch blocks:

Thank you, Charlsey, for sharing your quilt here and on Tilde’s Inklingo Projects blog too. You are an inspiration to every quilter who has dreamed of making a Feathered Star quilt!

The power of quilters—and quilts—to amaze! WOW!

Linda & Monkey

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