Love the Lines – The Rest of the Top 25

Here are the rest of the TOP 25 Contest Winners!

Here are a the rest of the Top 25 designs from the Electric Quilt/Inklingo Love the Lines Contest.

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Judge’s Choice

The designs were chosen for the Top 25 by the judge, Barb Vlack, EQ author and teacher. Thank you, Barb! Congratulations to everyone who entered!

The challenge was to use Inklingo shapes in Electric Quilt to design quilts you can actually sew!

Everyone who entered a design in the contest will be receiving the project files for these designs! (Don’t you wish you entered too?)


Jacquelyn Jacobi’s Summertime 

Jacquelyn used several Inklingo shape collections to create this design. The border of Square in a Square blocks is made with the shapes in the Squares 00B and Half Square Triangles HST 00B shape collections. Simple shapes, complex look.

Inspired by Jacquelyn?

To print or not to print?
Many quilters combine unprinted squares with shapes printed with Inklingo because squares are often easy to cut and sew without stitching lines and matching marks. (Some quilters like to print everything, of course!)
However, the squares for the Square in a Square border are odd measurements like 0.88 or 1.41 or 3.18 (finished), so printing with Inklingo is a huge advantage.
There are squares in several Inklingo shape collections, so the easiest way to find what you want is to look in the Index of Shapes (Polygons), under the Support tab.

Nancy Atkinson’s Granny Nan’s Hugs & Kisses

Nancy’s design could be sewn as a mini or a bed quilt because there are Inklingo hexagons in several sizes from 0.25 inch sides to 3 inch sides! Hugs and kisses are always great. Nancy’s notecard describes the trials and tribulations of a well-loved quilt she made like this one before Inklingo was available. This would be a great way to use up scraps from your stash!

Inspired by Nancy?


Helene Laparra’s Building THE Heart 

Helene took this as a challenge to create a non-rectangular quilt using Inklingo 3 inch Diamonds to make the heart. Quilters who entered the contest will be able to examine Helene’s project file to see how to do it too!

Inspired by Helene?


Melanie Achdjian’s Twisted Pairs 

Melanie used the shapes in the 60 degree Diamond shape collections and colored the shapes to get a ribbon effect. There are several sizes of diamonds available from Inklingo, so this could be a mini or a bed quilt.

Inspired by Melanie?


Pam Matthews’ Circling Fans

Pam used the Dresden Plate Fancy shape collection to create wonderful fans. It makes me think of New York Beauty too. This is a design most quilters would not consider making without Inklingo!

Inspired by Pam?


Fiona Palmer’s Bottled Apple Cores

Fiona used the 2 inch Apple Core shapes and the partial Apple Core shapes which are included in the Inklingo shape collection. This would be a fabulous way to use up small scraps or Jelly Rolls. The Apple Core fits on 2.5 inch wide strips of fabric without waste.

Inspired by Fiona?


The half and quarter shapes are included, so it is easy to create a straight edge on Apple Core.

You CAN sew these!

These are all complicated-looking quilts which are actually do-able with the cutting and stitching lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo. Check out the links under each quilt to see how.

You can design with Inklingo shapes knowing that you can turn your ideas into fabric creations—whether it is Dresden Plate, Apple Core, Diamonds, Hexagons, or Triangles!

More Resources

In addition to the links above, the blog is searchable (box above the header), so you can find out more about the shapes you dream about.

Monkey and I are working on getting the project files ready for everyone who entered. Thank you for your patience!

Congratulations to everyone who entered. I am very glad I did not have to do the judging, because you made if very, very difficult.

Only those who entered the contest will be allowed to download the Electric Quilt Project files, but we think everyone can be inspired by the images of the designs—and be motivated to enter next time!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

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  1. Just had to say “thanks” – I received my pin cushion ring today and it’s the cutest thing ever :)) And thanks for including the free shapes. Such a nice surprise!!!!

  2. A lovely last bunch of winners. I have to say that Twisted Pairs is a burst of color that is so wonderful but then again my favorite color is green…LOL
    Thanks for the inspiration Linda, Monkey and all the entrants!


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