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A lovable square  x = finished size.

Inklingo makes squares simple & easy with cutting and stitching lines and matching marks—without measuring, special templates, paper piecing, or expensive cutting machines!

There are squares in many different shape collections!

  • 90° Hexagons
  • Castle Wall
  • Drunkard's Path
  • Feathered Star
  • Hunter's Star
  • Leaf Sashing
  • LeMoyne Star
  • Log Cabin
  • On-Point Triangles
  • Orange Peel
  • Patchwork of the Crosses (90° Hexagons)
  • Rose Dream
  • Spool
  • Storm At Sea 
  • Waltzing Matilda

You can find these shape collections under the Shop tab but there is an easier way!

The most efficient way to find the squares you want is to look them up in the Index of Shapes. Compare the shape collections to see which has other shapes that would be most versatile for you.

Storm At Sea is often the best option because there are 3 sizes of squares in each shape collection and the other shapes are very versatile—plus you receive the Storm At Sea Design Book as a bonus! 

The squares in the Squares 00B shape collection are the ones you’ve always wanted, but found difficult to measure. 

Love the lines. Quilt more!

IMPORTANT  If you are new to Inklingo, I recommend starting with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

It includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook. With that and the Top Ten Tutes on the blog, you will be an expert in no time!

See why quilters love Inklingo squares! (and 3 bonus tips!)

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Squares 00B
Downloadable Shapes

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The Inklingo Handbook
Autographed Book

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The Inklingo Handbook (bound)
Autographed Book

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FREE Diamond Triangle Square
Downloadable Shapes
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Guided Tour
Downloadable Pattern
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Why quilters love Inklingo squares!


Print squares on fabric


  • No measuring!
  • Some quilters want to use scissors.
  • Quilters love the accuracy of perfectly printed shapes without measuring, especially odd sizes.
  • Quilters love having matching marks and stitching lines on every piece, so they can hand piece when they are on the go and machine piece when they need speed.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them use scraps.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them estimate how much fabric to buy.


1. Inklingo “Layer to Cut” allows you to minimize the printing and cut several layers at a time. Print one sheet, layer with unprinted sheets and rotary cut all of the layers at the same time. This is one of the techniques in The Inklingo Handbook.

2. A Square can be a Clue. If you know the finished size of the squares in a quilt design or pattern, it tells you the finished size of the adjacent triangles and other shapes.

3. Quick and Perfect 4-Patches. Monkey shows you how. You can try it now with the squares in the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection. 


Easy 4-Patches


Quilters often rotary cut squares without printing to use with other printed Inklingo shapes. It works well when the sizes are easy to measure and rotary cut.

However, it is a great advantage to print squares with Inklingo when they would otherwise be difficult to measure, like 1.414 inch squares for 2 inch Square in a Square blocks.

When everything is the right size, there is no need to “square up” afterwards. That eliminates a time-consuming extra step, cutting errors, and wasted fabric.

Inklingo quilters often mix Inklingo and non-Inklingo shapes and Monkey says some squares are easy to cut and sew without using Inklingo.

For example, if you need a 4.5 inch square to use in a setting with 4.5 inch LeMoyne Stars (free Inklingo Shape Collection), it's easy to cut 5 inch squares (finished 4.5). You can cut and sew without printing every shape.

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