Inklingo Ribbon Flower Quilts – Part 6

Inklingo Ribbon Flower Applique Variation

Many quilters prefer piecing Ribbon Flower because it ensures perfect positioning and smooth curves.

However, you can appliqué too!

Appliqué allows you to create other variations with partial flowers, like this one.


Print Ribbon Flower shapes on fabric.

You can piece Ribbon Flower blocks because the new Inklingo shape collection includes 4 shapes for the background for a variety of 12 inch blocks.


Inklingo Ribbon Flower quilt

Appliqué allows you to position the flower asymmetrically for more designs!


Applique Ribbon Flower

After the Ribbon Flower design is pieced, working from the back, mark the turn-under by basting along the stitching line by hand or by machine (above).

If you baste by hand, take care to start or end a stitch in each crosshair.

After basting, trim the seam allowance to a turn-under of 3/16 or less.

Layer the flower on the background and pin in position, so you can needleturn the edge. Remove the basting stitches when you turn under short sections.

This method is similar to back-basting because we baste along the stitching line from the back, but it is different because we only stitch through one layer.

There is a detailed chapter on appliqué in The Inklingo Handbook, including back-basting—my favorite method!


Inklingo Ribbon Flower variation

Needleturn appliqué with Inklingo is more fun than ever because the preparation is easier and faster and the results are more precise.

Free Appliqué Intro
Order, download and start printing and sewing with the free Inklingo appliqué shape collection for Circle of Hearts in the next few minutes. There is also a free PDF on that page for Appliqué Printing Instructions.

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It is a gorgeous summer day here in Canada. 77 F (25 C) with a blue sky and puffy white clouds. I’ll be weedin’, waterin’, and . . . appliquêin’ on the porch.

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New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page  There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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