Inklingo Ribbon Flower Quilts – Part 7

This is another long article full of info that I think is important.

I use several examples to show how using Inklingo shapes and freezer paper shapes can set you free from acrylic templates!


Print quilt shapes on fabric

I often include a “bonus shape” to print on fabric in Inklingo shape collections.

Inklingo Ribbon Flower bonus shape

This is the bonus shape in the new Ribbon Flower shape collection. This simple shape increases the possibilities dramatically!


Ribbon Flower with Bonus Shape

For example, adding this shape allows you to create a whole pieced blade.


Ribbon Flower variations

You can really jazz up a Ribbon Flower!

These two blocks are identical except that I added 6 of shape E and used different Inklingo edge shapes.


Ribbon Flower Variation

Use Bonus Shape E if you want to make this variation of Ribbon Flower.


Ribbon Flower quilt

You can make dozens of variations of Ribbon Flower with the shapes in the collection but what if you need something a little different, like this?

Two Inklingo shapes in the same fabric create a new effect. I would prefer to eliminate that seam in the gold fabric and have one piece instead of two.


Inklingo with freezer paper templates

I print the Inklingo layout WITHOUT seam allowances on freezer paper to prepare a template. Easy peasy.

Iron the template to the wrong side of the fabric and draw the sewing lines, crosshairs and matching marks manually, Then I can use that fabric shape with the other shapes I have printed.

BONUS TIP  When shapes are not symmetrical, it is important to remember the effect of mirror image. (We’ll save that for another day. This article is long enough already!)


Quilted Diamonds 2 book and DVD

Whenever a shape is not available, I use freezer paper templates!

This is the same freezer paper technique I teach in my Quilted Diamonds books.

It is also the method I have explained in detail for traditional Fussy Cutting with Inklingo.


Ribbon Flower quilt

For this Ribbon Flower variation, I want two shapes instead of one.


Inklingo with freezer paper templates

It’s simple with freezer paper.


Ribbon Flower Bow

This is another example showing how you can combine several shapes into one to create a new background shape for a partial ribbon flower.


Inklingo with freezer paper templates

This allows you to piece the entire block instead of appliqué (see Part 6) whenever you need a different shape to finish the edges.

There are 4 different edge shapes for many different variations in Ribbon Flower but you can also create your own edge shape with freezer paper!

It is always faster and more precise to print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo but when that is not an option, freezer paper is a wonderful alternative.

When you combine freezer paper templates with Inklingo, anything can happen!

Freezer paper templates give you more flexibility and better results than acrylic every time!


There are many more examples of Ribbon Flower variations on the Inklingo Facebook page, so I hope you are following there. If this short slide show doesn’t play for you, click here to see it on Facebook.

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It is supposed to be a rainy weekend, so I will make hay while the sun shines today. A little sewing on the front porch is next on the agenda.

Thank you for visiting. See you again soon!

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page  There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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4 thoughts on “Inklingo Ribbon Flower Quilts – Part 7”

  1. Linda, I have to agree with Betsy. Truly amazing what marvelous variations you come up with. What it must be like to live in your brain. Definitely no cobwebs there. The weather looks marvelous and your flower beds, oh, my. Thank you for all your inspirations. You have made an Inklingo lover of me. Happy Summer to you and Monkey.

  2. Oh, Linda, you certainly out-did yourself with this collection of shapes. The possibilities are so endless…and all variations are beautiful. Thank you for giving us so much. Inklingo has been a fabulous game-changer for me!!! I use freezer paper for all of my templates…with or without Inklingo, but I certainly use Inklingo whenever possible!!! Love, love, love it!
    Your porch setting and surrounding gardens are lovely. It must be so peaceful there.
    Hugs to you and Monkey,


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