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As a Canadian quilter, I was thrilled when Brandy Lynn invited me to be a guest on Canadian Quilt Talk.

We talked for a long time about Inklingo. I am eager to listen to the podcast to see how she edited hours into minutes!


Inklingo Print shapes on fabric

What is Inklingo?

Inklingo Shape Collections are big PDF files which open with Adobe Reader, so you can print pages of shapes on fabric. Fabric goes through the printer just like paper when it is ironed to freezer paper.

From the beginning (2006), quilters have been telling me that Inklingo is the best thing to happen to quilting since the rotary cutter.


Eugenie Bouchard - Canadian Tennis

Eugenie Bouchard, 19,  is the best thing to happen to Canadian tennis since the graphite racquet! (All of Canada has been watching tennis from Australia this week!)

Quilters are using their ordinary Inkjet printers instead of a tennis racquet—or a die cutter—or acrylic rulers—or paper templates.


Inklingo - Love the lines! Quilt more!

Love the lines! Quilt more!

My serve: With Inklingo, it possible for you to order and download the FREE shape collection first ($20 value), before you buy any of the other fabulous shape collections listed in the Shop. That is serving an ace, don’t you think?

There are line judges in tennis.  We want you to print with Inklingo and have have a good look at the lines. You be the judge!

When the cutting and sewing lines are printed on the fabric, everything is easier. No measuring, no templates, perfect straight grain, precision corners, use a rotary cutter or scissors, sew by hand or by machine!

Inklingo is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.


Free Combo Layout

I always recommend starting with the free Diamond Triangle Square Shape Collection.

It includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook AND some great shapes to print on fabric.

Free is a great. It would be an unforced error to miss this opportunity to start inklingoing, don’t you think?


The Inklingo Handbook

Beginners, Experts, Hand Piecing, Machine Piecing, Appliqué

Free is also consistent with my vision for Inklingo—because it makes quilting more accessible. That’s what I care about.

Inklingo is fabulous for beginners and makes it possible for experienced quilters to make more exciting designs in the amount of time they want to spend making a quilt. Use the printer and ink you have already.

I first got the idea because I was teaching hand piecing, but it has even more benefits for machine piecers and quilters who love appliqué.

When you love the results, you are more likely to finish, and that is a great feeling, almost as good as winning a grand slam.


From Apple Core to Yin Yang

Three basic ground rules.

Just like tennis, you have a coach.

Why Inklingo is seeded # 1.

How you can win game, set, and match with Inklingo.


Smart Shopper's Idea Book

This should get you in the swing of things.

Inklingo is growing by leaps and bounds. There is room for you on the court.

Please email me for more info.


Eugenie Bouchard

We’re totally impressed with Canadian Eugenie Bouchard’s sensational tennis in the Australian Open this year, but the rest of us are back here in the frozen north, quilting! And talking about quilting!


Canadian, eh?


We spell color “colour” in Canada but Inklingo is spelled the same all over the world. It is an international phenomenon, used in more than 60 different countries already.

You don’t have to be Canadian to listen to Canadian Quilt Talk, or to be interviewed on Canadian Quilt Talk, or to love Inklingo!

Won’t you join us?

If you don’t want to miss anything, you can subscribe to receive an email from All About Inklingo when there is anything new (top of right sidebar).

You might want to have a hand piecing project ready to sew while you are watching the Australian Open this weekend, but it just might be too exciting.

The ball is in your court. Are you ready?

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

$10 Coupon!  7 Year Anniversary Special on the handbook

Inklingo for Beginners

25 Signs YOU are an Inklingo Quilter

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4 thoughts on “Inklingo on Canadian Quilt Talk”

  1. Fabulous interview, Linda! Even though I’ve been using it from Day One and am totally and completely hooked, I had to listen to every word. It was fun to hear about the inspiration for Inklingo. And I’m really excited about three collections a month this year! Oh, my — we are all going to have such fun with those!

  2. Hi LInda,
    Great interview! I knew the info, but had to listen to the end! Great hearing your voice too! Now you made us curious what the next thing you’ll be doing is. Which designer is it you’re working with? Can’t wait to hear about it!
    Glad you have so many design ideas still on your sleave! I really love it and miss it when I work on other projects!
    Marianna NL

  3. What a great interview on Canadian Quilt Talk! Congratulations! I hope a lot of new Canadian quilters will be discovering Inklingo now. Monkey was mentioned but I think he was too short to step up to the mic. Nevertheless, Brandy asked a lot of really good questions, and it’s good to hear from your own lips how you started Inklingo!

  4. The Tennis has been great and I was hoping Eugenie would get through to the final and I am Australian. She is going to be an excellent tennis player for Canada.


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