If not Inklingo, then Freezer Paper

Quilted Diamonds 2 # 4

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. “Anything you can draw on freezer paper, you can cut apart and sew.”

Freezer paper sets you free.

You do not need to print on fabric with Inklingo to benefit from the information in this article.

Print Millefiori Quilts shapes

I invented Inklingo to help quilters. Of course, I prefer to print on fabric because it is faster, easier and more precise, but when I cannot print, I use freezer paper templates.

Freezer paper templates (plus an acrylic ruler) are BETTER than acrylic templates and more accurate than English Paper Piecing. (English Paper Piecing Rescue is a popular page but if you like EPP, there is info to help you print your own paper pieces too.)

Quilted Diamonds 2 # 5

“Anything you can draw on freezer paper, you can cut apart and sew.”

That means you can add or remove lines and customize anything you see. Draw (or print), cut apart, and add the seam allowances when you cut the fabric. (We just eliminated pages and pages of the complicated, intimidating instructions that you find in many quilt books.)

Quilted Diamonds 2 # 45


Quilted Diamonds 2 # 91


Isn’t that friendly and inviting? We want everyone to enjoy quilting as much as we do. We aren’t trying to lock people out by requiring expensive tools and difficult extra steps.

My Quilted Diamonds books (2002, 2004) teach hand piecing with freezer paper templates. The pieces in the diamonds are too small to consider machine piecing. We mark the sewing lines with a ruler and a mechanical pencil and sew by hand with a running stitch. (Many examples of this technique on the blog, like this one.)

What you may have missed is that freezer paper templates are also fantastic for machine piecing. In many cases, you don’t need pencil lines but if you do need to mark the seam endings, you can use a crosshair. No more sewing dot to dot! No more horrible acrylic templates! (Oh dear. Why does anyone still sell them?? Why I don’t sell Acrylic templates.)

Quilted Diamonds books and DVD

Of course, we prefer to print the shapes on fabric (or paper) with Inklingo and give ourselves the choice to sew by hand or by machine, but when the shapes are not available, we use freezer paper, à la Quilted Diamonds.

Introduction to Inklingo

If you have a computer and an Inkjet, you can start printing on fabric and freezer paper right now. The free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection is on the Main Beginner’s Page.

It all started with Quilted Diamonds. but I have written about how to use freezer paper templates for all the years since. (Template Tips and many, many other articles on the blog. Search for freezer.)

While I was writing this article this morning, I received an email from a quilter who thought it was a shame that Inklingo could only be used for hand piecing. ??????? Of course Inklingo is fabulous for machine piecing. Haven’t we always preferred to have a line to sew along?

I am destined to write about this again and again and again and again.

If this is your first time learning about freezer paper templates, we just set you free. You’re welcome.

By the way, all of the diamonds in the books are named with quotations from Jane Austen’s novels. The one at the top is called “She stepped boldly forward, carelessly humming a tune.” (Northanger Abbey, Chapter 21) If you remove some of the lines, you can simplify it.

I hope you will have a look at some of the links in this article too.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey in Canada

2 thoughts on “If not Inklingo, then Freezer Paper”

  1. Hello,

    Linda I must tell you that I purchased your 2 books for Quilted Diamonds a long time ago. I made a few blocks, made many mistakes (all my fault). I did not try again for a long time to make any of the blocks. I get the pieces confused and that is where I make the mistakes. I may try again sometime because the blocks are so beautiful.
    Have a great day

    • I’m glad you have my Quilted Diamonds books. The DVD lesson with QD2 explains how to stay organized so you won’t get the pieces confused. I still love that book.


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