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POTC by Joan Cumming in Australia


Inklingo has significant advantages for quilters who sew with whip-stitches over templates—even if they don't print the shapes on fabric!

The more you know about English Paper Piecing and Inklingo, the easier it is to choose the best technique to learn and the best technique to teach. My English Paper Piecing tutorials simplify this age-old method for the best results. 


Inklingo on QuiltingHub

8 good ways to use Inklingo for EPP

These techniques are covered in Inklingo's English Paper Piecing tutorials. 

(Click to see the whole article on QuiltingHub)

1. To make paper templates
    (shapes without seam allowances)
2. To cut the fabric shapes
    (shapes with seam allowances)
3. To fussy cut the fabric 
4. To preview fabric with window templates
5. To decide how much fabric to buy
6. To rescue an English Paper Piecing UFO
7. To create original  designs
8. To learn from Inklingo support and tutorials

Freezer Paper for Inklingo Templates

Inklingo for Templates

Why I prefer freezer paper for templates instead of acrylic!

Template Tips

The technique I teach in my Quilted Diamonds books.

English Paper Piecing 01

All the basics of EPP.

English Paper Piecing Tutorial

Needles, thread, threading the needle

Includes a video showing how to make a finger pincushion

Inset seams and sewing sequence

Inklingo Kaleidoscope Star





Kaleidoscope Stars


Basting for English Paper Piecing


Basting with thread or glue


It's hard to keep pages like this updated, but you can use the Search feature on the blog to find more articles about English Paper Piecing too.


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