Lucy Boston – The Movie!

If you can get to the Glasgow Film Festival on February 23rd, you must GO!

You can buy tickets online to see From Time to Time, the new movie based on Lucy Boston’s famous Chimneys of Green Knowe.  It just keeps getting better and better for fans of Lucy Boston, especially those who are making the Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) with Inklingo.  Read on!

This movie trailer was posted on YouTube.

Diana Boston was at the Premiere at the London Film Festival last October.  She told me that when I see From Time to Time,  I will see Maggie Smith stitching on the Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) beside the fire.  WOW.  The movie did not have a distributor at that time, so I have waited until now to mention it.

The writer and director, Julian Fellowes, wrote the screenplays for Gosford Park (one of my favs) and Most Mysterious Murders (excellent).  From Time to Time was not filmed at Lucy Boston’s ancient manor house at Hemingford Grey, but at Athelhampton, which Russ and I happened to visit in 1991.  Athelhampton was a good choice for several reasons, including the topiary garden.  You can see some great photos of Athelhampton in the online guide book (in 3 parts).

According to the entry on IMDB several of my favorite actors are in the cast. In addition to Maggie Smith, there are Timothy Spall (Oliver Twist), Hugh Bonneville (many great films, including Miss Austen Regrets and a small role in Notting Hill), Harriet Walter (many, including S & S), Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine), and others.

Gosford Park is another connection between Maggie Smith and Julian Fellowes. I know it so well that I can enjoy “watching” it while I am drawing Inklingo shapes on the computer.

It has always amazed me that movie makers have endless budgets for big stars, but seem to spend too little to get a competent script. In this case, the writer is the director!  Judging by Julian Fellowes’ novels and other screenplays, he knows how to tell an engaging story, plus he was given an excellent start by Lucy Boston.

(The Young Victoria will be at cinemas here in Burlington soon, and he wrote the screenplay for that too.)

I can hardly wait until I can see From Time to Time! There is no news yet about dates for North America, but if I were within a few hours of Glasgow, I would find a way to get there! Let me know if you are lucky enough to see it, okay?

Linda & Monkey

6 thoughts on “Lucy Boston – The Movie!”

  1. Oooh…how yummy, says Maggie Smith in “Gosford Park” one of my favs too. I am so looking forward to this movie, even if I have to wait for DVD!

    Thanks Linda,


  2. The movie looks really interesting. The teenager Alex Etel I recently show him in the BBC/PBS miniseries Cranford. That was also really good.

  3. Ooooh, this looks like it’ll be a fabulous film. Great cast! Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD! Thanks Linda, will watch out for it. 🙂
    hugs Elly

  4. I also cannot wait until “Lucy Boston – The Movie” gets across the ocean and to North America. It will be on my must see list.

    I so enjoyed the book about Lucy Boston and Linda’s book.

    Kathie Wittstock


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