Fabric for Confetti Quilt – Millefiori Quilts 4

Choosing fabric for Confetti Quilt is fun. This is another playful design by Willyne Hammerstein in Millefiori Quilts 4.

Fabric for Confetti Quilt


Willyne’s Confetti design is a celebration. I’m throwing around a few ideas (pun) to make it easier for you to choose fabric and get in on the fun.

Confetti by Willyne Hammerstein

Willyne’s example uses a limited palette—the gray-ish background, the black triangles, an assortment of bright scraps for the diamonds plus . . .

Confetti Border by Willyne Hammerstein

. . . the vibrant red in her ingenious border.

I love Willyne’s border treatment on this one!

scrap fabric for Confetti diamonds


If your diamonds will be scrappy like Willyne’s, the tiny diamonds in this Inklingo Confetti shape collection fit on itty bitty scraps.

Print on scrap fabric

It actually IS possible to print on scraps that small to get one diamond at a time but . . .

freezer paper templates

. . . I find it easier to print the layout of diamonds without seam allowances on freezer paper and . . .

. . . use the template technique in my Quilted Diamonds books and in this video.

ink on freezer paper

By the way, when you print on tiny scraps, some of the diamonds will print on freezer paper where there is no fabric. It is a small amount of ink and you can still use the freezer paper over and over again. The ink is not a problem.

Inklingo freezer paper templates

If you are using templates . . .

Fussy cut fabric for Confetti Quilt

. . . it is fun to consider some fussy cutting while you’re at it—something cute to sprinkle randomly across the quilt.

fabric for Confetti Quilt FUSSY CUT

Monkey thinks bees and flowers go well together. (Always listen to Mother Nature.)

Fabric for confetti quilt

Here’s another idea. For something faster with a scrappy-ish look, I used a fabric with lots of color variation and printed sheets of 63 diamonds at a time.

That simplifies everything, so I only need to choose 3 fabrics (and maybe one more later for the border treatment) and I can print all the shapes without needing freezer paper templates.

Choosing fabrics can really slow things down, so this might be a solution for you if you are looking for a wonderful hand piecing project.

Hand piece with a running stitch


Every seam is the same length at 0.625 (5/8) inch, so it is easy to get into a rhythm. Each seam is just one load of the needle plus a backstitch at the beginning and the end.

You will love your results when you learn how to “circle the intersections.”

Quilted Diamonds 2 with DVD lesson

If you are just learning to hand piece, you might think something this small would be too hard but in reality, these short seams make it easier to sew a straight line.

All the finer details are taught in my Quilted Diamonds books and there is a Facebook group for Quilted Diamonds too.

The skills you learn on Confetti will translate to any other design.

This new video uses Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses but the same technique works for Confetti and Willyne’s other designs.

UPDATE  I included very detailed instructions for two methods of fussy cutting in the new hardcover book, Winding Ways – Quilting the Inklingo Way. All of the info about fussy cutting, hand and machine piecing, and fabric requirements in my new book is useful for ANY pieced design. I recommend it to everyone, so I hope you will have a look.

Millefiori Quilts 4 $39.95 
Millefiori Quilts 4 is still at only $39.95.

The assembly instructions for Confetti are in Willyne’s wonderful fourth book.

Introduction to Inklingo


The Ink in your Inkjet printer is perfect for Inklingo! Main Beginner’s Page

Main Millefiori Page 

More about Confetti (Intro sale price $20 for a limited time)

I am looking forward to seeing what fabrics you choose for Confetti!

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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