Sew Patchwork of the Crosses VIDEO – Part 3 Hybrid Piecing

For me, the best way to sew Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) is to sew certain seams by hand and others by machine. Hybrid Piecing gives me the best of both worlds—precision, portability and speed.

Sew Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

Part 3 in this video series explains which seams are prime for machine piecing in order to get a fast start, chain piece, and stay organized. It also explains which seams are best for hand piecing to get maximum “continuous stitching” and perfect inset seams.

I hope you will find the concept interesting. It helps me if you click to “like” the video too.

When you combine hand and machine piecing to sew Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to finish.

I often wonder how many more inspiring and innovative quilt designs Lucy Boston could have finished if she had not been limited to English Paper Piecing. All that time basting and whip-stitching!

Her creativity was amazing. I’m sure she had more designs to share.

Print POTC hexagons on fabric

Hybrid piecing is one of the amazing benefits of having the sewing lines marked on the fabric but the info applies whether you use Inklingo or not.

Patchwork of the Crosses Facebook Group

New Group! I’ve created a new group on Facebook where you can share your photos of your Patchwork of the Crosses blocks and quilts no matter what method you are using. Please join us.

Links mentioned in Part 3 of the Video

Hybrid Piecing is also fabulous for Millefiori Quilts, Quilted Diamonds and many other designs.

I am looking forward to seeing your POTC fabrics and blocks in the new group!

Linda & Monkey

10 thoughts on “Sew Patchwork of the Crosses VIDEO – Part 3 Hybrid Piecing”

  1. Another excellent video, Linda. Thanks for sharing this really good information. I wish I had thought about your first Tip when I started making POTC. I most unfortunately saved all the plain connector hexies for the end. It is beyond boring. If I had only thought it out better….

  2. And another lovely surprise in your video’s! Thank you, Linda & Monkey!
    Using a cocktail fork to guide my pieces through the machine would be too confusing for me…. I foresee crumbs and grease stains on my piecing 🙂

  3. Without hybrid piecing, I’m sure I’d never have finished my version of Can Can. Now that I have seen just how much of a benefit hybrid piecing can be, I”m sold. If a design doesn’t involve curved piecing and/or continuous piecing, I’ll definitely look for the hybrid piecing opportunities from here on out!!!

    • I’m glad you tried it. Your quilts are all beautiful, Cathi, and we all have more ideas for quilts than we have time, so anything that makes the sewing easier is important.

  4. Thank you for another wonderful video and for taking the time to do this for us! I have a suggestion for another video. How to sew the blocks together? I am used to sewing the blocks together in rows and sewing the rows together. Is it done the same way using Inklingo? Thank you again!!


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