Templates for Patchwork of the Crosses VIDEO – Part 1

Lucy Boston made her own templates for Patchwork of the Crosses. You can make yours with freezer paper and have even more advantages!

Templates for Patchwork of the Crosses

Happy New Year!

We’re celebrating more than 10 years of Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses with a new Facebook group and a new video!

Please join us in the new group.

templates for patchwork of the crosses

As it shows in the video, when I cannot print on fabric with Inklingo . . .

templates for patchwork of the crosses

. . . I use freezzer paper templates.

simple tools

The tools are simple, so you probably already have everything you need.

buy fabric

If you feel like shopping, buy fabric instead  . .

templates for patchwork of the crosses

. . . and always use templates in the finished size!

I started teaching hand piecing with freezer paper templates over twenty years ago but my Quilted Diamonds books have given the impression that freezer paper templates are only for hand piecing. It is important to remember that they are just as good for machine piecing.

There is much more in the video.

Links mentioned in Part 1

The tips in the video also apply to Millefiori Quilts and Quilted Diamonds.

I hope you will watch the video and leave a comment. It helps me if you click to “like” the video too. Thank you!

I am looking forward to seeing you and your POTC blocks in the new group!

Linda & Monkey

14 thoughts on “Templates for Patchwork of the Crosses VIDEO – Part 1”

  1. Is freezer paper and parchment paper the same thing? I can get parchment paper at my local store, but the manager says that they have never heard of freezer paper.

  2. I have used freezer paper for years for applique needle-turn. I love this idea and your suggestion of the 1/2″ strip of paper for laying out the templates. Thank you for your hints.

    • I’m glad you watched it, Janet. I will be posting part 2 on the weekend and I hope you will like it too. Thank you for letting me know it was helpful.

  3. I have freezer paper, I will be using it in the future to create a sampler very similar to a print I have hanging in my home. A resolution for this new year. Thank you for the incentive.

  4. Hello Linda,

    Thank you for this great video. Very helpful as always. I made a small wall hanging with POTC, just love it. Now my next project I would like to make a big POTC. Need to pick out some fabrics first.

    Happy New Year.

    • Happy New Year, Louise! I hope you find exactly the fabrics you want for your next POTC. I am looking forward to seeing photos in the Facebook group!

  5. Inklingo is the Bomb! Am doing La Passacaglia using this method and had never before hand pieced. So easy and all the pieces fit perfectly. Having the seam allowances printed on the back of the fabric as well as the cutting lines makes for accuracy. Thank you Linda for this fabulous method..!

    • I love your comment, Marie! I am delighted to know you are enjoying making your Passacaglia with Inklingo. I am looking forward to seeing photos too. Happy New Year!


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