Templates for Confetti Quilt

Another new Inklingo shape collection with the templates for Confetti Quilt, a scrappy design by Willyne Hammerstein.

Confetti Quilt Willyne Hammerstein

Confetti is one of the exciting new designs by Willyne Hammerstein in Millefiori Quilts 4. (Photo courtesy of Quiltmania.)

Confetti Willyne Hammerstein

For her wonderful example of this design, Willyne chose a background and a black fabric for all of the triangles but the diamonds are definitely scrappy.

Willyne Hammerstein's Confetti Quilt

Have a look at the red border too.

Confetti Quilt by Willyne Hammerstein

You might want to use a different fabric for each confetto—each diamond—too. That is one of the ideas I will throw out there in my next post. (Pun intended.)

Fussy Cut Confetti

Maybe each confetto should be fussy cut. Let’s think on that, eh? Maybe think again.


When I introduced the new Fiesta Gitana shape collections recently, I gave you a link to party music from Los Lobos, La Bamba. It was perfect for a fiesta.

What would be appropriate for Confetti? Of course. . . . . .

, , ,  it has to be Elton John’s rocking rendition of Chapel of Love from the ending credits of Four Weddings and a Funeral!

(You might prefer the longer version of Chapel of Love on YouTube.)

templates for Confetti quilt


Almost every time I publish a new shape collection, some quilters ask for a smaller version. This time, I’m starting small. It was time to introduce a 0.625 inch 60° Diamond (5/8, half of 1.25 inch), and confetti is small, so this was a good opportunity.

Original size with 1 inch 60° Diamond – 34 x 42 inches
This shape collection with 0.625 inch 60° Diamond – 23 x 31 inches

Print on fabric

As usual, there are layouts to print on fabric (20 colors) or on paper or freezer paper.

sew with a running stitch

As you know, Willyne teaches hand piecing with a running stitch.

For these tiny shapes, it only takes one load of the needle with a backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

It is easier to maintain a straight line on short seams than on long ones—and easiest ever when the lines are accurately printed on the fabric with Inklingo.

Quilted Diamonds 2 with DVD lesson


This tiny size should absolutely delight anyone who is looking for a portable hand piecing project!

If you are just learning about hand piecing, Quilted Diamonds 2 is the best way to start.

For example, it teaches how to “circle the intersections” to get perfect results. (VIDEO)

Millefiori Quilts 4 $39.95  INTRO SALE $39.95

Of course, you need this beautiful book for Willyne’s assembly instructions so you understand how these these shapes interlock—but you don’t need acrylic or papers.

Millefiori Quilts Books

Millefiori 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all in stock and ready to go. Priority Shipping in USA is what I pay with no handling fee. ($7.15) and I can fit two books in one flat rate envelope.

There are more videos on the Main Millefiori Page under the Shop tab too.

Introduction to Inklingo

Welcome to Inklingo
All you need is a computer (Windows or Mac), Adobe Reader (free), and an Inkjet printer.

Confetti Quilt Templates


Confetti Shape Collection with 0.625 inch diamonds.

Main Millefiori Page 
Video and more info. Sale price. Everything you need except the wedding music.

Confetti Quilt Willyne Hammerstein

Confetti is the perfect name for this design, don’t you think? Happy, tiny, colorful and fun.

Thank you for visiting. Let’s throw some confetti ideas around.

Linda & Monkey

5 thoughts on “Templates for Confetti Quilt”

  1. Hello Linda,

    I love this new collection. Small is so much fun. I did not see the other new collection, I had problems with my computer. But now that it’s all working again I will go look at it.

    Thank you for new projects to look forward too.

  2. Some quilters ask for smaller sizes. I am truly in awe at your and their ability to piece such small patches even with Inklingo lines.


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