Dresden Plates in Key West – Part 1

Key West Beauty Dresden Plate

This Dresden Plate has folded blades and is made with the Large Triangle in the Key West Beauty 6 inch shape collection.

It measures 6 inches across, so it is small and sweet. Maybe I should call it a “Dessert Plate.”

Monkey says we just need small plates and large glasses for Margaritas in Key West.


Key West Beauty for Dresden Plate

Fold the triangle in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew the 0.25 inch seam long the top edge.

Dresden Plate Folded Blade

The Inklingo Dresden Plate Applique shape collection includes a larger blade (not a triangle) and the instructions for a folded blade are in the Inklingo Dresden Plate Design Book on page 32.


Key West Beauty for Dresden Plate

Finger press the seam open and turn right side out, so the seam is aligned with the center of the blade. Press.

The blade can be used just like any other Dresden Plate blade, except that the top may be left un-stitched for a three-dimensional effect!


Key West Beauty for Dresden Plate

Assembling the plate is just like sewing Key West Beauty by machine (or by hand) in the Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville!


Key West Beauty for Dresden Plate

Isn’t that cool?


Fabric for fussy cutting

Of course, I could not resist a little virtual fussy cutting.


Key West Beauty for Dresden Plate

This is especially cool for all of the machine piecers who have been drooling over the spectacular effects in Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses but who prefer bigger pieces and sewing by machine.

With the Key West Beauty isosceles triangle I can have all the fun of fussy cutting but with bigger fabric designs than POTC and sewing by machine!


Key West Beauty for Dresden Plate

Part 2 of Dresden Plates in Key West will show some of  my best “Dresden Plate” design ideas using the Key West shapes, so you might want to subscribe.

Hint: 8 isosceles triangles form an octagon and there are larger and smaller isosceles triangles in the Inklingo Index of Shapes.


Key West Beauty Templates

You can print 8 Large Triangles from the Key West Beauty 6 inch shape collection on a scrap only 7.25 x 9.25 (landscape), as shown in the Catalogue of shapes.

Print 8 identical sheets of fabric for fussy cut Dresden Plates! This is similar to Stack n Whack™ but without the stacking. (Of course, you can use traditional Swiss Cheese fussy cutting with Inklingo templates too.)

Love the lines. Quilt more!


Key West Beauty Dresden Plate


  • COTSIM Mystery Clue #3
  • Dresden Plates in Key West – Part 2


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Already in the COTSIM case file:


COTSIM Clue # 2 on Quilt Obsession

Cathi has shared photos of her fabrics and the finished blocks from COTSIM Clue #2 on Quilt Obsession. I would love to see your blocks too. If you don’t have a blog (or even if you do) please share photos of your fabrics and blocks on Facebook and in the Inklingo Yahoo Group. Thank you!

I will be posting more of my fussy cut Dresden Plates on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/inklingo  You don’t have to have a FB account to see them, but if you do, please like, comment and share my photos! It helps.

We’re taking the mystery out of Inklingo in Margaritaville.

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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3 thoughts on “Dresden Plates in Key West – Part 1”

  1. Hi: Linda:

    I really like those and maybe I’ll try them when I return home today. Thanks for sharing. I love the detail and fussing cutting idea even though I have never actually done this before, maybe I’ll try it to see what I can come up with.


  2. Linda, I love your fussy cut folded Dresden Plate blades! All of your samples are beautiful. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with just the right fabric? Who would have guessed the different combinations you have come up with. I am almost ready to post photos of clue #2 of my COTSIM. Am loving it and learning a lot about piecing the diamonds!! Thank you so much. Betsy


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