Double Wedding Ring Designs on QuiltingHub

There is a new article on QuiltingHub today, with a video and a new Electric Quilt project file for Double Wedding Ring!

Double Wedding Ring Quilt in Electric Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Design in Electric Quilt

This is just one of the designs in the new EQ7 project file on QuiltingHub for inspiration. (As usual, there is important info on the Notecards.)

In addition to the new article on QuiltingHub, here are a few questions you might want to consider when you design your DWR!

Double Wedding Ring a la Lucy Boston

Q. If Lucy Boston made a Double Wedding Ring Quilt, what would it look like?

A. Fussy Cut a Double Wedding Ring Quilt!

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Q. Is there a logical way to count the shapes and get fabric requirements for a Double Wedding Ring Quilt?

A. Yes! Counting the shapes in DWR quilts.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Q. How many different edges are there for Double Wedding Ring quilts? 

A. Double Wedding Ring edges, from simple to elaborate.  (We’ve lost count.)

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Q. How about DWR designs on point?
A. Turning Double Wedding Rings on point.  This might be my favorite way to set DWR rings.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Q. Where can I get the DWR shapes to print?

A. Main Double Wedding Ring Page (under the Shop tab on the website.

Sarah's first Inklingo

This is one of my favorite photos of the past week.

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  1. This is a wonderful pattern and Inlingo will make it very possible for even me to tackle. Linda’s patterns, ideas, and fabric choices are so inspirational and beautiful.


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