Nicki Johnson’s Quilted Diamonds!

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

Nicki Johnson in Alabama has finished her spectacular Quilted Diamonds top!

It takes my breath away!

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

The diamonds are hand pieced and fussy cut!

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

Aren’t these fabulous? The bee’s knees!

(i.e. Sweet and good, because the knees of the bee are where all the sweet, good stuff is collected.)

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

Each little diamond is a work of art.

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

Every diamond is different but they look fabulous together.

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

I love all of them. . .

Quilted Diamonds (Linda Franz)

. . . but I think this is Monkey’s favorite.

Congratulations, Nicki! You are an inspiration. You make me want to sew more diamonds myself.

Quilted Diamonds by Linda Franz

Nicki used the setting in Quilted Diamonds (first book).

It is even more impressive because she did it without being able to print the sashing and cornerstones with Inklingo. (New Shape Collection this year.)

Quilted Diamonds 2 by Linda Franz

If you are just learning the pleasures of hand piecing (with or without Inklingo), the two-hour QD2 lesson makes it easy to get started. (FAQ about Quilted Diamonds)

Japanese Anemones


If you are on Facebook, you may have already seen some of Nicki’s Quilted Diamonds.

I post a photo or two on Facebook almost every day. It is usually about quilting, but sometimes it is something happening at Inklingo Headquarters.

I love to share photos of your Inklingo and Quilted Diamonds blocks too!

Japanese Anemones

We try to stop and smell the flowers every day.

You do NOT have to have a Facebook account to see what I post there if you go directly to

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I hope you enjoy seeing Nicki’s sparkling diamonds as much as I do!

Thank you, Nicki! I can hardly wait to see what you do next.

Linda & Monkey

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14 thoughts on “Nicki Johnson’s Quilted Diamonds!”

  1. Congratulations Nicki ,you have achieved beautifully in doing what a lot of us aspire to.I totally agree ,Linda gives the best instruction ever for hand piecing for perfection.I can’t watch her enough .Love her voice ,manner and precision.Also the personal touch,if you contact or order from her.Everytime she exceeds expectations and leaves you with a friendly message , means such a lot.I am on the other side of the world but she makes you feel like part of a great family.

  2. Stunning!!! Beautiful!!
    Paula hit the nail on the proverbial head, “. Oh, Procratinator why have I no diamonds to post? Oh yes, I have only visualized them for x many years.”
    This is another great post to inspire us to get moving if only one block a week on any quilt. Think of at least 52 blocks by the end of a year.

  3. Each diamond is wonderful. Oh Procratinator why have I no diamonds to post? Oh yes, I have only visualized them for x many years. Lovely work Nicki. Thanks Linda.

  4. Oh, how absolutely fabulous! I love her fabulous fussy cutting and, of course, the spectacular setting!
    But that little redhead smelling the flowers almost steals the show! There is nothing so appealing as a little redhead! 🙂


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