Does Inkjet ink ever run?

Yes it does! Test and be sure!


There is a big difference between printing on fabric with Inklingo and printing labels and photos on fabric.

There are some misunderstandings about both.


Inklingo Test Pages

It is very important to test!

You need to know how the ink in your printer will wash out before you start.

Inklingo makes it simple to be sure.


Inklingo has fascinated me for a long time and I have actually gotten around to cutting out some freezer paper to try it. Instead I used the freezer paper to print some muslin labels for antique quilts. I used a dark blue ink on white muslin. I heat set the labels, then started “testing” one of the misprints. 

After heat-setting I spritzed it with water and was dismayed to see the printer ink dissolve, marking up my ironing board. It got me to wondering, I know you recommend using the closest color that you can still see clearly for printing Inklingo shapes, but have you ever had a problem with bleed through? I would have thought heat-setting the ink would have been more helpful.


You are absolutely correct. Inkjet ink can make a terrible mess on fabric!

Ink can bleed and stain. The Inklingo method (US Patent 7,814,832) was designed to make it possible to print safely.

Colors which include any black ink are the worst. That is probably what happened with the dark blue ink you used on your labels.


20 Inklingo Colors  20 Inklingo Colors


I developed 20 different colors for Inklingo.

The ink in your printer cartridges is mixed to make these colors without using black ink.

There are 20 possibilities, so you can choose a safe color which will show well enough to cut and sew almost any fabric—but not bleed or show on the front.

There is a simple test page in every Inklingo shape collection (above), so you can see all 20 colors at once.

It is very important to do this test on every new ink cartridge, just in case the formula has changed.

Best case is for all of the ink to wash out, but if it doesn’t it is safe to leave it in the quilt as long as it does not bleed.

Inklingo lines are ultra-fine and use very little ink. Even if you leave the ink in your quilt, it is less residue than the pencil marks and other lines which quilters have used forever.


20 Pages


For every shape to print on fabric, I provide 20 pages, one for each of the 20 colors on the test page.

You just have to choose the page you want to get the right color of ink. Cool, eh?


Bubble Jet Set


Quilters who print labels and photos on fabric use special pre-treated fabric or a chemical like Bubble Jet Set to try to set Inkjet ink.

Heat setting is not enough. Inkjet ink will wash out or bleed if you don’t use the right chemicals. There is a good article about printing photos and labels on fabric on

Even with special fabric and chemical treatment, Inkjet ink will fade.

Inklingo is much simpler because we want the ink to wash out or fade so it will not show on the front.

No chemicals for us!


The Inklingo Handbook


Please look at the printing instructions in the Inklingo Diamond Triangles Square shape collection. It is a free gift!

See pages H5 – H48 (examples above).


Inklingo Test Pages

You can follow the simple test procedure in the next few minutes.

It will set your mind at ease and ensure that your quilt will be perfect!


The first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook includes everything you need to know about printing on fabric, but if you have questions, please ask!

Those instructions are so important that I included them in the FREE shape collection for Diamond Triangles Squares.

There is  a Print on Fabric Checklist and more under the Top Ten Tutes tab (above).

I hope you will subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar), so you don’t miss anything good when we answer questions here.

Test and be sure!

It’s worth it. One simple test eliminates the measuring, the templates, the expensive rulers, and gives you perfect shapes every time. You can machine piece better, more exciting quilts and have more fun.

Love the Lines & Quilt More with Inklingo in 2013.

Let the fun begin!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

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