Did you win a Finger Pincushion?

(unless we get carried away) 

We have 11 winners! If you are listed here, please send your mailing address to me at linda#www.inklingo.com (replace the # with @). I intend to mail everything on Friday morning, okay?


Also, if you have a color preference, please let me know. No promises, but I will do my best to match your outfit. LOL


Brandy Lynn wrote:
The pincushions would be a great addition to any guild retreat goody bag! The music sounds great.

Judy D in WA wrote:
Great tutorial and fabulous video. How fun! Monkey is adorable.

Susan Claire wrote:
great video, great music, great pin cushions! Thanks Linda and Monkey, do you do live performances?

Kim wrote:
How adorable, these would make great gifts :0) thanks for the chance to win! Happy Sewing

Carole Phinney wrote:
Great tutorial and music. Now what do I use the bottle caps for?
Have been saving them but something was stopping me from making them. The buttons are way cuter!!!

Carolyn Edwards wrote:
I enjoyed this video and I am especially interested in the concept of making the cutting process easier. The pincushions are adorable. I will have to try to make some. Thank you for sharing. Now if I had all the energy that the music gave me.

Jane wrote:
Oh how I love these! Although it’s bedtime right now, I think that I will dig into my button jars right now 🙂 Oh, before I forget: thanks for the chance to win one!

Shelia wrote:
Love the pincushion tutorial. I’m definitely trying this. Thanks for the inspiration.

June wrote:
How cute are those!!! I would love to win one, but if I don’t, I will certainly be making one or more of them for myself and who knows who else. I found you via Bonnie’s blog post.

Regan wrote:
These are adorable! I will be making them for all my quilty friends! Thanks for the tutorial! Oh, and Bonnie sent me! She’s so good!

Sally M who wrote:
Wouldn’t have thought they were that easy to make. I’m now thinking of making some for some friends.


Monkey was feeling very generous.

He picked a total of 20 numbers, so there will be 9 more quilters who receive a surprise in the mail and we will choose the color. (They are all pretty.)  These 9 don’t have to do anything because we already have addresses for the ones who are Inklingoists.

We don’t mind making more because it is so easy when we print Circles on fabric with Inklingo!


You will have to make your own finger pincushions—but it’s fun!

We think you will love making them for yourself and your friends.


Monkey thinks you could just tell all of your friends about our Oscar-ready movie HERE (please do!), and hope they enjoy a laugh and want to thank you by making lots of finger pincushions—and give you one that matches your sewing duds. . .

. . .  or your scissors!


By the way, we saw a nifty little glue gun for $12 in a local store today. You might even find one cheaper online. A mini glue gun comes in handy for lots of things.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment—and congratulations to the winners!


Come back tomorrow to see a few more of the Top 25 designs in the Electric Quilt/Inklingo Love the Lines Contest too!

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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13 thoughts on “Did you win a Finger Pincushion?”

  1. I’m late, I know, but life has been busy (it’s always, isn’t it?) Thanks for sending such a wonderful cute little pincushionn to me. Since it arrived in the mail (about 2 months ago I guess) it lives in my carry on sewing kit – together with some hexagons, needle and thread. Every time I use it, it makes me smile. Thanks again for such a great giveaway!

  2. Yes, I won!! Thank you so Much, my finger pin cushion has arrived all the way over here in New Zealand, so exciting to receive a parcel of such immense significance! (I never win things!) I will enjoy using my pin cushion and telling my friends all about it! Thank you

  3. Congrats to all the winners and Linda and Monkey will have to make more as he looked so stunning in them as accessories!
    Tim Gunn would be proud LOL

  4. Monkey and Linda, I am one of the winners! I am sending my e-mail address to Linda and look forward to receiving my finger pincushion. I will still make some to give as gifts for my sewing friends, the one I receive will by my inspiration.

  5. Super vid – it’s always fun to “sew with Monkey”. lol.
    Today I shared about Inklingo with my Friendship Group. When i first shared my little stars made from 1″ diamonds, they all groaned… but when I flipped the star blocks over so they could see how they were stitched they were amazed. I think we might have a few more converts.

  6. So happy for the ones who won, congrats to all of them. Going to have to go buy some buttons and elastic to make me one. Thanks so much for the pattern, you all are great.

  7. I see a lot of finger pin cusions in my future. Have to watch that Oscar worthy video tomorrow. Would make nice quilter’s gifts too. I guess I’ll have to take my 10 yr. old glue gun out of the box.

  8. Thank you, Darcene! You made me laugh out loud–and Russ too. I’m sorry everyone could not win, but at least everyone knows how to make them now.

  9. Well, I am disappointed that my name is not mentioned, but I am happy to know that with the help of the Oscar worthy video from Monkey and his helper, Linda, I will be able to make my very own finger pincushion as soon as I finish this Pulitzer prize worthy note…I am the membership chairperson for our local quilt guild and I am thinking that these would make a great addition to our “welcome to the guild” package that goes to new members….thank you Linda-and Monkey, too, for the great video and the inspiration.


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