Custom Sizes for Inklingo Hexagons

Custom Sizes for 1 inch hexagons

Suggested Custom Page Sizes for Inklingo Hexagons

Print Custom Page Sizes! It’s easy.

Every Inklingo shape collection includes Suggested Custom Page Sizes—for every layout—and that empowers you as a quilter. This is a page from the Inklingo 1 inch hexagon shape collection.

Custom Sizes are Your Superpower

How many times have you paid for a pattern or book just for the fabric requirements? Maybe even when you knew the size of the quilt was not right for you?

Inklingo’s Suggested Custom Page Sizes make it easy to print fabric without waste AND to design or redesign or resize any quilt for yourself AND determine the fabric requirements.

Print Custom Page Sizes with your Inkjet

Inklingo’s sweet little lines change all that.

In this music video, Christine, Stevie, Lindsey, John, and Mick spend a lot of time wandering around on the farm.

Monkey says they are all looking for a printer.

Click to play Fleetwood Mac’s video and read along with the new lyrics.

Sweet Little Lies = Inklingo’s Sweet Little Lines

and Close my eyes = Custom Size

If I could turn the page = If I could print the lines
In time, then I’d rearrange just a day or two In time, then I’d quilt again every day for you

Close my, Custom,
Close my, Custom,
Close my eyes Custom size

Otherwise, the farm is well supplied with a piano, guitars, a drum, a horse, and even . . .

pre wash fabric

. . . some nice looking pre-washed fabric on the clothesline. (I always recommend washing the fabric before using it in a quilt, whether you print or not.)

print custom sizes

Monkey also likes Christine McVie’s hat.

Luckily, they find a car, so they can drive to town and get a suitable Inkjet printer (whatever is on sale).

But I couldn’t find a way And Inklingo is the way
So I’ll settle for one day to believe in you So I’ll print today and cut along lines

Tell me, Print lines
Tell me, Print lines
Tell me lies Print the lines
Tell me lies Print the lines
Tell me sweet little lies Print me sweet little lines
(Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies) (Print me lines, print lines, print me lines)
Oh no, no you can’t disguise Oh yes, yes you can change page size
Tell me lies Print me lines
Tell me sweet little lies Print me sweet little lines


Although I’m not making plans Although I’m not hand piecing (above)
I hope that you understand there’s a reason why I hope that you understand there’s a reason why
Close your, Custom
Close your, Custom
Close your eyes Custom size
No more broken hearts No more acrylic shapes
We’re better off apart We’re better off printing
Let’s give it a try

hexagons to print on fabric

Print me sweet little lines

. . . . and repeat!

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