Cleopatra’s Fan in Electric Quilt

UPDATE Jan 15, 2022 Also see the Cleopatra’s Fan Top 10.

Cleopatra's Fan with Inklingo

Good news and bad news today.


Cleopatra's Fan with Inklingo

Good News! Three Inklingo shape collections for Cleopatra’s Fan are finished and ready to add to the website!

Bad News! There is a glitch on the website and I can’t get it fixed on a Sunday. I have done all the work and I can’t publish anything! <insert tears here>

We don’t even know what the problem is yet! <sob>

Since I made an announcement on Facebook on Friday, I know some of you are waiting impatiently for an update.

We hate to disappoint anyone, so Monkey and I dried our eyes and put on our thinking caps.



Very Good News—if you have Electric Quilt software! There is a new, free EQ project file, so you can start planning what you will do as soon as the new Inklingo shape collections are ready!

Download Cleopatra’s Fan EQ Project File

Inklingo quilters love to design with EQ and then use Inklingo to determine the fabric requirements and print the shapes on fabric.

(There are several more free EQ project files under the EQ tab (above), so have a look there too.)



I would love to see what YOU design with the new Electric Quilt project file.

Cleo blocks can be used to create amazing variations.

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety.”
(Was Shakespeare writing about Cleopatra AND Cleopatra’s Fan quilts?)

I have dozens of Cleo quilt designs to share on the website with you—soon. (Imagine my disappointment!)


Cleopatra's Fan with Inklingo

There are so many wonderful things to tell you about Cleo that I hardly know where to start . . .


Inklingo Combo Layouts to print on fabric

. . . but I’ll just mention that the Combo Layouts are amazing!

You can print as few as 3 sheets of fabric to get all TWENTY shapes for one block. Fabulous! More about that later too.

Precision corners on every shape. Matching marks on every seam. Easy, precise curves. Fussy cutting. Sew by hand or by machine. Use a rotary cutter or scissors.

Be still my heart!!


Electric Quilt 25 Year Celebration

On a very happy note, this is a good time to remind you to enter to win fabulous prizes from Electric Quilt! They are celebrating 25 years since they transformed quilt design forever in 1991.

Isn’t that wonderful? And you could win. The prizes are amazing!

By the way, Inklingo is celebrating 10 years this month. The first Inklingo shape collection was published in May 2006. At our house, we think that is a big accomplishment. Can you imagine how exciting 25 must be!!


If you subscribe to the blog (top of right side-bar), you will be the first to see when the glitch is fixed and Cleopatra’s Fan is on the website.


Introduction to Inklingo

While you are waiting for news, you might want to review this video Introduction to Inklingo. It explains the three key ideas that make Inklingo work.

Please share my videos on your blogs and Facebook and please tell your friends about Inklingo!

I was so excited to finish my work on Cleo “last month” and I was crushed when we ran into this issue. Crushed.

On the other hand, there are worse problems than waiting a day or two longer. It will make the whole month of May extra special.


By the way, I haven’t mentioned the biggest surprise yet. I’m saving that until I get some help. How’s that for a tease?

Here it is again: Download Cleopatra’s Fan EQ Project File

Thank you for your patience! (If you have any to spare, I could use it.)

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

$10 Coupon! 10 Year Anniversary Special on the handbook

25 Signs YOU are an Inklingo Quilter

Inklingo on Facebook

14 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s Fan in Electric Quilt”

  1. Thank you very much for all of your good wishes for Inklingo’s 10th anniversary!
    The tech experts are working on the glitch as we speak. In the meantime, there are more Cleo quilt layouts on Facebook too.

  2. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. You changed my quilting life forever with Inklingo .The new shape is beautiful.As usual you are amazing.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!

    Ten years already! Wow what would we do without you and Monkey and of course Inklingo.

    Thank you for everything you created, it’s great to work with Inklingo.
    Nothing compares to it.

    This Cleopatra Fan, hold on, it’s going to be so amazing to do!!!!!!!!!
    I mean just the pictures here make my head spin 🙂

    So take your time Linda, no problem we have plenty of fun with
    on going projects. We will be patient, so good luck fixing the glitch.

    Have a great day.


    • Sorry. I got SO excited when I saw the pattern I must have skipped the part explaining the glitch LOL. I just skimmed down in a frenzy as I looked for a link to buy it !

      Happy Anniversary with wishes for many many more.

  4. congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! Ten years certainly is cause to celebrate!! Although I didn’t discover Inklingo until three years ago, I don’t know how I managed without it!! It has been very exciting for me to be able to print on fabric, cut, and sew on the lines. It is so much faster and accurate which is reflected in my work!! Not only the method, but all of the extra help you give with each of your shape collections is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much Linda for your fabulous method of quilting. Love the look of the new Cleopatra’s Fan Collection. Sorry for the frustration you must be feeling with your “glitch” but please know that many, many people are keeping you company!!

  5. Ditto what Cathi said!! I remember the very first CD and the excitement still lives!
    WOWZER…its been TEN years already?!
    Happy Anniversary to you, Russ and Monkey!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    Ten years, wow! And you have surprised, stunned and spoiled us over and over again in those ten years! I will have some chocolate tonight on your health, and on many more Inklingo anniversaries to come.
    Hip hip hurray \0/ *<:-)

  7. I have had the perfect blue fabric for several years, just waiting for the right idea. Aha! it has arrived. I did click on the EQ link and get a error message back. Perhaps it is because I don’t have EQ. I will have to wait for a few days before I can play with the idea. Alas, I was going to get started on my POTC project. ‘{

  8. Hi Ginny, You don’t have to have EQ to make Cleopatra’s Fan with Inklingo. It is just a nice option.
    As soon as the glitch is fixed (tomorrow?), I will be publishing everything you need to make Cleopatra’s Fan. There is a choice of 3 sizes and includes design notes, worksheets, a gallery of quilts, sewing instructions (hand AND machine), pressing, etc. I can hardly wait for everyone to see it!

  9. I absolutely love this design but I don’t have EQ. Is there another way I can get the pattern ?
    Thank you for such amazing designs !

  10. Wow – just wow! The blue and neutrals quilt design shown in this blog post is absolutely stunning!!! I can’t wait to play and have downloaded the EQ project file already. These must be huge collections with 20 shapes and combo pages to make things even more easy to print! You put so much into these collections and we’re all so, so lucky you do!

    Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that first wonderful Inklingo CD. I will never forget the first time I opened an Inklingo collection. As soon as I saw a particular shape, I was off and running and was printing within minutes. Every collection since just gets better and better. We are all so very fortunate you had such a brilliant idea!!

    While waiting for the glitch to get fixed so we can play with the latest collections may be hard, and I can’t even begin to imagine how disappointed you are right now, but for this design — and really, any Inklingo design — the wait is going to be absolutely worth it!!!


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