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Inklingo Cleopatra's Fan - Top 10

There are at least 10 reasons quilters love Inklingo for Cleopatra’s Fan Quilts.

These are our Cleopatra’s Fan Top 10 reasons for using Inklingo for this delightful old design.

Cleopatra's Fan Quilt

Just like David Letterman, we’ll start at #10 . . .

. . .so you will need to scroll all the way down to see #1, okay?

Cleopatra's Fan sew by machine

10. Perfect straight grain, precision corners and matching marks

Cleopatra’s Fan quilt blocks are easier to sew thanks to the lines printed on the fabric with Inklingo and layouts with straight grain in the right places.

You have every advantage when you start with perfection.

Printing the shapes on fabric with Inklingo is ideal whether you are making a traditional quilt or something very modern.

Cleopatra's Fan Quilt Combo

9. Combo Layouts

These special layouts allow you to print fewer sheets when one fabric is used for different shapes.

Inklingo quilters love combo layouts. Of course, you can print the shapes separately too.

Cleopatra's Fan Top 10

8. Classic design with options for fussy cutting

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. (Shakespeare, Antony & Cleopatra) The play is a masterpiece of tragedy. Cleopatra’s Fan is so delightful with Inklingo that a happy ending is almost guaranteed.

If you have been influenced by Lucy Boston (Patchwork of the Crosses) or by Willyne Hammerstein (Millefiori Quilts), you can add fussy cutting with Inklingo to lift your design to the next level.

By the way, my best instructions for two methods of fussy cutting are in Winding Ways – Quilting the Inklingo Way. Those instructions apply to Cleopatra’s Fan too.

Cleopatra's Fan accurate cutting

7. A line to cut on with scissors or a rotary cutter

It is easier to rotary cut following a line than it is with acrylic templates.

There are a few simple tips in this short video.

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Cleopatra's Fan Top 10

6. A line to sew along

Just follow the lines—by hand (portable) or by machine (fast).

Never a doubt. Haven’t we always preferred lines?

Cleopatra's Fan in Electric Quilt

5. Free EQ project file for Cleopatra’s Fan

Design your own or find inspiration on Pinterest.

You don’t have to use Electric Quilt with Inklingo but it is a wonderful design tool and the free project file givs you a fast start.

Download the EQ Project File

Cleopatra's Fan Fabric Requirements

4. Accurate fabric requirements for Cleopatra’s Fan

There are two pages of description for every Inklingo layout of shapes, so you know exactly how to use yardage or scraps very efficiently—at a glance.

Cleopatra's Fan by hand or by machine

3. Combine hand and machine (the best of both worlds)

The curves in Cleopatra’s Fan are very gentle whether you are sewing by hand or by machine.

You can get a fast start by machine and sew the final seam by hand to get perfect intersections.

Cleopatra's Fan Top 10

2. A choice of sizes that fit together

This is fun. You can combine 4.5 and 9 inch blocks or 6 and 12 inch blocks or 4.5, 6 and 9 inch blocks for spectacular effects!

See them all on the Main Cleopatra’s Fan Page (under the Shop).

Diana Krall and Tony Bennett are great together, just like quilters and fabric. (You don’t have to be Canadian to love Diana!)

And the number 1 reason to love Inklingo Cleopatra’s Fan is . . . .

1. Free Cleopatra’s Fan Design Book

Number 1 in our Top 10 list is the design book.   138 pages

The design book includes inspiration and the how-to with 24 worksheets to help you plan your design.

Everything you need to Design and Sew Cleopatra’s Fan 

  • gallery of quilts that will inspire you
  • notes about fabric selection
  • tips for rotary cutting curves
  • my favorite hand and machine piecing tips
  • step-by-step guide for assembling the quilt blocks
  • pressing diagrams
  • 24 worksheets with variations using 1, 2, or 3 sizes

The “shape collections” have the shapes to print on fabric (choice of sizes) and the “design book” has inspiration and the how-to.

Three ways to get the design book free!

When you buy the shapes, I manually add the design book to your account as soon as I see your order.

If you buy the design book first (on sale for $10), when you buy the shapes in the next 60 days, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see your order.

If you buy the shapes and the design book on one order, I manually refund $10 as soon as I see your order, so the design book is still free.

It’s all on the Main Cleopatra’s Fan Page (under the Shop).

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