A Dark and Laundry Night!

What is the first thing you do when you consider new fabric?

Fabric from Sew Sisters

I get 8 fat quarters from Sew Sisters in the mail every month.

I get excited when I see a fat brown envelope in our mailbox. The presentation is always lovely and the selection is a surprise.

Fabric from Sew Sisters

The fabrics are beautiful every time but the first thing I do is look at the darks—on the wrong side.

Fabric from Sew Sisters

Easy to print with Inklingo?  YES.  As usual.

Most dark fabrics are light enough on the wrong side to print with Inklingo.

Isn’t that nice?

Inklingo Test Page


There is info about printing on Dark Fabrics in the Top Ten Tutes (tab above).

When you print the Test Page (important!), you will probably have a choice of a few colors that will show well on any dark fabric.

The Top Ten Tutes are short tutorials for things like how to print on small scraps, how to avoid jams, how to print on dark fabric, how to fussy cut, and many others.

You can look at those tutorials in any order when you need them.

Inklingo - Washed and folded fabric


The first thing I do is wash the fabric and fold it neatly.

That’s in another one of the Top Ten Tutes—How to Print on Fabric Best Tips.

I do NOT iron the fabric until I am ready to use it. Why do it twice?

I fold fabric the same way all the time, so it stores neatly with no extra fuss or muss.

Inklingo Hexagons printed on dark fabric

I could not resist printing 6 hexagons right away.

The lines show well enough for cutting and sewing, even though this is a deep, rich, dark fabric.

Inklingo Hexagon Flower

What a nice way to relax on a dark laundry night!

Each flower goes fast when you sew with a running stitch! (VIDEO)

Fabric from Sew Sisters

I know you are going to ask: It is called Wagara, designed by Hana for QH Textiles. It is a Japanese design. (I was lucky to get the name on the selvage of one of the fat quarters.)

Hexie Love by Julia Wood


1. Leave a comment to enter to win an issue of Hexie Love.

I will be posting more hexie photos on Pinterest and Facebook during Julia’s Blog Hop, but the winner of the copy of Hexie Love from Julia Wood will be chosen from comments left OVER THEREnot here or anywhere else.

Comments on Blog Lovin or other blog readers or on Facebook or anywhere else will not be in the draw. Please comment on this page to be included.

Hexagon Quilt Design Book

2. Order the Hexagon Quilt Design Book—free. 

Order on the website.

Tell your friends!

Normally any Inklingo design book is only free when you buy the related Inklingo shapes.

If you already have the Hexagon Quilt Design Book, there is no need to order again.

After midnight on Tuesday, April 14, the Hexagon Quilt Design Book will go back to $10—or free when you buy a related shape collection. (Details – 60° hexagons, 90° hexagons for POTC, shapes for Willyne Hammerstein’s Passacaglia, Colonial Garden, or Periwinkle Octagon).

Hexie Love Blog Hop


For more information on Hexie Love Magazine and Julia’s books about folding circles into hexagons, please visit Julia’s Blog.

Visit these links for more chances to win!

April 6  Bonnie Hunter
April 7  Catherine Redford
April 8  Linda Franz   (me)
April 9  Cheryl Sleboda
April 10 Geta Grama
April 11  Victoria Findlay Wolfe
April 12 Becky Campbell
April 13 Joan Shay


I will keep the special sale price of $15 on the new Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds shape collection for a few more days, okay? Main Quilted Diamonds Page

There are FAQ about Quilted Diamonds on the blog and you can see my first Modern Baby Quilt designs too.

Inklingo - Print hexagons on fabric, cut & sew!


I post one or two photos on Facebook every day, but Facebook only shows my photos to about 20% of the quilters who have “liked” the Inklingo Facebook Page, so the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the blog (top of the right sidebar).

I will be printing and sharing more hexagons on the Inklingo Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, please “like” “comment” and “share” my photos. It makes it more fun!

I wish you a happy day with at least one good reason to do laundry. Good luck in the draw too!

Linda & Monkey


10 thoughts on “A Dark and Laundry Night!”

  1. I have seen the same hexies so many times now yet you still bring a lovely freshness to them – it truly is hexie love – especially so nicely put together – thanks Linda – love you, your technique and your hexies 😀

  2. Beautiful fabric!! I’m working on a huge hexie quilt right now. Just received my Millefiori/combo from you the other day. I’m very excited about that too!! Thank you, Linda.

  3. Great post Linda! It’s nice to be reminded of your excellent Tutes. I’m going to revisit them now!

    Although some fabrics may be too dark to PRINT with Inklingo, I have used some to stack under a printed light fabric, cut both layers with a rotary cutter, and you’re still good to go if you sew it to a light piece.

    So I think all fabric is Inklingoable! I’m a scrapaholic though, and I like to use everything!


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