Winding Ways Book Intro Video

This Winding Ways Book intro video gives you a preview of the detailed instructions for printing, fussy cutting and sewing more than a dozen lovely designs—or ones you design for your self!

Winding Ways Book Intro Video

My new hardcover Winding Ways book will be showing up in shops—as soon as we can visit shops again.

In the meantime, this short video gives you a good overview of why I wrote this book. It was written for you.

By the way, I cut my own hair for the video out of consideration for you. I learned how to do a layered cut by watching a YouTube video. LOL I’ve been cutting Russ’s hair too. (Not a big job.)

Video print Winding Ways on fabric


I was so busy finishing the video that I forgot to send a reminder about the sale price on the new 12 inch Winding Ways shape collections ending, so I have extended it until tonight at midnight

Winding Ways 12 inch shape collection. Only $20.

Deluxe version. Only $35.

  • Everything in the basic version is included in the Deluxe version, so you only need one.
  • The instructions in the old Winding Ways Design Book are also included in both shape collections, so you do not need it too.

Inklingo Print on fabric


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Winding Ways by Linda Franz

We are keeping up with orders for the new book. No delays. We’re running a well oiled machine here.

Winding Ways 12 inch   Winding Ways Deluxe 12 inch


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Winding Ways Book Intro Video

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I hope you love the book and like the video and let me know what you would like to see next. You can leave comments here or on the Inklingo Facebook Page or in the Inklingo IO Group.

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Linda & Monkey

2 thoughts on “Winding Ways Book Intro Video”

  1. The book is a treasure. It’s everything you mentioned in the video and more!
    Your hair looks fabulous! Please share the link to the video on cutting hair – Mr. Q.O. definitely needs a haircut!

    • There are so many haircut videos, Cathi! I did not keep the link. For Russ, all I did was trim across the back of his neck (damp hair) and then use a comb and crappy kitchen scissors LOL to make a series of vertical cuts to thin out the rest. I think he looks good and he loves it but he is not very fussy. It takes less than 10 minutes including cleanup. He says he will never go to a barber again.
      When I googled how to do a women’s layered cut, I found several videos for the “rhino” method. I was very conservative and it took me three tries before I got a reasonable length that I can still get up in a high pony tail. I will do it again.


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