The Case of the Diamond Necklace – Clue # 5

The Case of the Diamond Necklace Mystery Quilt

COTDN Clue # 5 (4 pages, PDF to download)

This time, the is a little more printing and some lovely “continuous stitching” to make these half hexagons.


The Case of the Diamond Necklace Mystery Quilt

Print the shapes on fabric, cut rows (single layer), and then stack the rows to cut several layers at a time.

You can re-use the freezer paper for more diamonds too.


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Please tell your friends about the COTDN mystery quilt. It is great for beginners AND experienced Inklingo quilters.

The clues for the Case of the Secret Garden (COTSG) and the Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville (COTSIM) are still on the blog.


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Please stay tuned for a new article about fussy cutting with Inklingo too.

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page  There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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5 thoughts on “The Case of the Diamond Necklace – Clue # 5”

    • Thank you, Linda, for your considered response and you good hope for a time to print and sew. I will see how the shapes decide the fate of my stars. I’ll expect a good outcome. Thanks again.

  1. Linda,
    I probably shouldn’t ask, but I will because I have more than enough fussy cut stars for COTDN, and I would like to use them all in one quilt,t by adding more of the already given shapes to the final layout (as will be shown in Clue #6). In your opinion, it being your design, would you expect this could be done with a reasonable amount of figuring on my part? I do have Electric Quilt, but have not had dedicated time and money to learn how to use it. The closest class on EQ is/was miles and miles away and may or may not happen at the specified time. I would rather pay you for an “idea book for COTDN”. I’m printing and stitching units of shapes until I hear back from you. You can tell I like this particular mystery. P. S., The one from 2016 was stitched and ready for quilting by last November. Holidays happened and still I couldn’t quilt it. Finally figured out I “needed” a border of diamonds all around it. “Don’t argue, just do it”, I said to myself. “You’ll love it!”


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