Sunday Afternoon by the Fire

Our perfect blanket of white has melted and it is a gray, drizzly afternoon—just right for a fire.

The chimney sweep came on Thursday and we have a good supply of wood from trees that have fallen over the years. Russ is teaching me how to build and stoke a fire. This is my first one.

I’m glad we did not convert this fireplace to gas. I love the crackle of seasoned wood.

Is there such a thing as “wood fire scented” candles? I’ll have to look. This fireplace is too efficient to give us that lovely smell. I would have to go outside for a walk in the rain.

I set up the ironing board near the fireplace and ironed perfectly dampened cotton pillow cases.

Now it’s time to get out my machine and sew. The fabric is printed and cut. Is anyone inklingoing with me?

Russ wants to make french toast in his new panini grill for dinner. That’s fine with me!

I hope it is a cozy day at your house too.

Linda & Monkey

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon by the Fire”

  1. I finally started on my first Inklingo project–hexagons big enough to machine piece. What a joy because they sew perfectly from point to point. No Christmas weather here–it is 80 and sunny.

  2. Hallo everyone,
    I am a newbee, my Name is Barbara and i am German. I live half Part of the year in Italy. Now i am in Italy and the weather is very fine. It is cold, 6 Grad Celsius at 8:00 in the morning, but in the Day it is very sunny and 12 Grad Celsius. The Day after tommorow, i will go to Germany for Christmas Time.
    Excuse me for my english, i learned it many years ago, and i don’t speak and write it often!
    I wish you a vary nice day !

  3. Hope you sleep well Linda with such a lovely day behind you.
    I am working on a gift project but not Inklingo.
    I need to cut my fp to print my Storm At Sea pieces in the next few days so that I have something to work on during my cruise and trip to NC for the holidays I ordered a different batik for the background so hope I like it! LOL

  4. The evening is winding down here. French toast was great with bacon and Canadian maple syrup.
    We had the ice covered roads two days ago, Patti. It should be all clear there soon.
    I hope the hot spots cool off and the cold spots warm up and everyone keeps sewing!

  5. Hi to everyone. Here on the upper Texas coast it has been in the upper 70’s and low 80’s with the same predicted for this week. Very unusual for this time of year but typical of Texas weather patterns sometimes. Hard to get into the Christmas mood without cooler weather! So I get into my Inklingo mood and work on my hexagons that I am machine piecing!

  6. Was nasty up here in Sudbury last nice, freezing rain and ice covered roads. Numerous accidents because people just dont slow down. A transport in a rockcut closed Hwy 17, and Hwys 69 and 144 were closed for a time also. Was a good evening to stay in where it was nice and warm and dry…

  7. What wonderful imagery! We have 4 fireplaces in our renovated Victorian campus home, but none of them work. We must settle for candles for our warm ambience. And then there is the smell of a turkey breast roasting followed by my special buttermilk bread that just came out of the oven. All of these activities with my hexagon piecing inbetween. After the major wind and rain storm we had last night, it is great to be cozy and safe and sewing inside today.

  8. I will be stitching tonight — more of those wonderful 2.5″ LeMoyne Stars made with the small diamonds from 6″ Hunter’s Star collection and the tris and squares from the .75″ octagon collection. I just can’t get enough of those itsy-bitsy stars!
    Same weather here as there — a very grey, rainy day. Perfect to be inside and planning projects.

  9. Cozy fire going here in Downeast Maine. It went up to 50 today. Very uncharacteristic, and it is raining lightly. I rearranged the furniture in the living room today so we can put up the Christmas tree.
    Cut out some triangles this afternoon and am sewing them to the point of stuffing them. Then they get attached at the corners to make a red and green Christmas tree wall hanging. Also have to cut diamonds for the star on top.
    Going to have potato pancakes with bratwurst and applesauce for dinner.
    Have most of my Christmas shopping done so now it is on to the decorating and baking. Will make my stollens tomorrow since they have to sit a while.
    Later on my daughter (18 miles away) will have a cookie swap. We all bring 6 dozen cookies of one kind and then we mix and match so to speak before we go home, ending up with a nice platter of 6 dozen mixed cookies. While we are there we socialize, have wine and some nice snacks. This has become an annual event and it is lovely.
    Christmas eve will be going to church with my daughter & family. She has 12 y.o. boy/girl twins. Then back to her house for snacks and drinks. All our friends will be there.
    Christmas Day we will go with our daughter & family to a friend’s house – dinner and gifts. We will bring some of the food. We 3 families trade off of the holidays – Christmas and Thanksgiving – each year. So much fun. One big family.
    Hope all your holidays are wonderful no matter which one you celebrate. We are all God’s children. GOD BLESS!

  10. Like Central Texas, we are 80 degrees. It was sunny, evening is fast approaching.
    I didn’t get to hand stitch today. Must finish embroidering Menorahs.
    Hugs to All,

  11. What a lovely afternoon:).it is already morning here in jakarta. I am printing fabric for first part of easy street mistery quilt.thank you for posting about the bonnie hunters’s mistery quilt.

  12. Hi Linda it sounds just perfect at your place, we are going to have 33 degrees today and tomorrow up to 40, all I can say I don’t like the summer here.

    Anyhow I am going to print some HS triangles today for some quick piecing.
    Enjoy your stitching and French toast

  13. Sounds so nice being by the fireplace and staying warm. It is hot and sunny here in Central Texas. Sure wish a cool front would come in.
    I am handpiecing hexagon flowers. I need to go print out a worksheet and see how many hexagons I need for the ones that surround the flowers.


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