Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda with Inklingo!

Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda

Isn’t this a wonderful star?  As of today, it is inklingoable in 3 (or 4) sizes!

Waltzing Matilda was designed by Judy Martin ©1988. Used with permission.

There are 3 new Inklingo shape collections, so you can make 6, 9 and 12 inch Waltzing Matilda.


Print on fabric with your Inkjet and Inklingo

Print the shapes on fabric with your ordinary Inkjet printer, cut and sew! It couldn’t be simpler!


Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda

An Inklingo shape collection for Waltzing Matilda was requested by several quilters. No wonder! This design is easier to sew with Inklingo than with traditional methods, so I contacted Judy for permission and she agreed.

Waltzing Matilda originally appeared in Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns in 1988.

I was absolutely thrilled when Judy agreed that it should be Inklingo-able! I hope this is the first of many collaborations.


Judy Martin's Quilt Show Game NEW


Your quilts have probably been influenced by Judy Martin whether you know her name or not. She has been an important figure in the quilting world for decades. You may have been buying her books for years, like me, or you may have made her Shakespeare in the Park from The Creative Pattern Book. For beautiful block designs and brilliant quilt settings, there is no one with more talent than Judy!

Judy Martin is one of my quilting heroines. She has designed and sewn more than 1000 original quilt blocks in her long career and has even created an award-winning game based on quilting! (There’s still time to order for Christmas!)

I feel a special affinity to quilters like Judy who work independently and publish their own books.

From 1979 to 1987, Judy worked for Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and Quiltmaker. As an editor, Judy was one of the principal pattern designers on staff, author of countless articles and six quilting books.

In 1987 she left to start her own publishing company, Crosley-Griffith, with her husband, Steve. They have published her sixteen most recent books, including her latest, Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts. Crosley-Griffith also manufactures Judy Martin’s Ultimate Rotary Tools.

Every quilter’s library should include Judy’s books!  You can read about Judy in her own words on judymartin.com.


Machine Piece Waltzing Matilda


I enjoyed every stitch in the Waltzing Matilda blocks I sewed for these shape collections.

The instructions for this design make it a delight to sew without inset seams and the blocks press beautifully!

I am very proud of the unique one-page sewing guide in these shape collections. I tried every possible sewing sequence (and did some ripping) before I perfected the matching marks and sewing instructions. You can print the sewing guide for reference beside the sewing machine. There is also an illustrated pressing guide.


Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda Bonus Shapes


There are three bonus shapes  in each of the new shape collections. You will love the possibilities!


Inklingo Waltzing Judy


This is one of the variations you can make with the bonus shapes. I named it Waltzing Judy with Judy’s permission. It seemed an appropriate way to honor such a talented designer.


Waltzing Matilda - 3 Sizes!


You might already have the shapes for Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda!

The shapes for Waltzing Matilda (no bonus shapes) are also available in other shape collections to make 4.5, 6 and 9 inch blocks.

On the other hand, you might still want the new Waltzing Matilda, especially at the intro sale price of only $15.

  • precise matching marks to make the sewing easier
  • bonus shapes to make beautiful variations
  • combo layouts to save fabric and save time
  • detailed sewing instructions to make it simple
  • a unique one-page sewing guide for reference at the sewing machine
  • pressing instructions to make your blocks look their best

Castle Wall 4.5 inch + the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection = for 4.5 inch WM

Castle Wall 6 inch + LeMoyne Star 6 inch = 6 inch WM

Castle Wall 9 inch + LeMoyne Star 9 inch = 9 inch WM

Castle Wall 9 inch + Inklingo Star 9 inch = 9 inch WM

The shapes for Waltzing Matilda 12 inch are not available in other shape collections. . . yet.

Joining the waltz? The special sale price will be available for a few days only!


Inklingo setting for Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda


Coming soon! EQ7 project files!

I will be featuring settings with Waltzing Matilda, Castle Wall, and LeMoyne Star on the blog and on Facebook, so please stay tuned.

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Judy Martin's Waltzing Matilda


I have posted several photos of Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda and Waltzing Judy on the Inklingo Facebook page too.

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to see the photos if you click on that link.

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Inklingo Combo Layout


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Don’t forget to check the new tutorial on QuiltingHub about Layer to Cut too, okay? If you enjoy it, you can log in and “rate” it. It is one of the techniques you can use for stars.

I hope you fall in love with Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda and Waltzing Judy the way I have.

Main Waltzing Matilda Page

Let’s dance!

Linda & Monkey

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4 thoughts on “Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda with Inklingo!”

  1. Wow! What a collaboration! I have made one of Judy’s quilts before called ‘Stacked Bricks” from one of her books, back in 1997 for a dear friend for Christmas. It consisted of rectangles and scraps that I meticulously cut from odd bits and pieces, tracing around a rectangular cardboard template. It would have gone so much quicker with Inklingo. I hope Judy is over the moon at what you have created with her name!

    This is such a tricky pattern, I would never attempt it without Inklingo! Thanks to you and Judy for this happy collaboration!


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