Rotary Cutting Cleo Curves! VIDEO

UPDATE Jan 15, 2022 Also see the Cleopatra’s Fan Top 10.

Rotary cutting curves with Inklingo

One of the wonderful things about Cleopatra’s Fan with Inklingo is that you can use a rotary cutter OR scissors—something you can’t do with acrylic templates.

Just follow the lines! Haven’t we always preferred to have a line to cut along?

Even better, once the shapes are cut out, you can sew by hand or by machine.

This is a great time to be a quilter!


Rotary cutting Cleopatra's Fan

There are illustrations on page 83 of the Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book showing why the method we use for rotary cutting with Inklingo is SAFER than traditional rotary cutting with templates or rulers.

Since the design book is free (for a limited time only), you can order and download and have all of my best tips.

It makes sense that rotary cutting straight lines would be easy and safe.

However, you might be surprised how easy it is to rotary cut curves without a template! I was!

How to rotary cut curves - VIDEO

This short video shows how to rotary cut curves, including my best tip—focus your eye about a half inch ahead of the blade. (In order to do that, you must position the fabric so you can see the line easily. Makes sense.)

You can use your ordinary 45mm rotary cutting blade for all of the curves, no matter which of the 3 sizes you choose.

With acrylic templates, it is sometimes necessary to use a smaller blade because a normal one won’t fit the shape of the acrylic edge. No need to buy a special cutter and blades. (Those tiny blades wear out fast.)


Cleopatra's Fan Quilt

Worksheet 12 (of 24), 3 fabrics, 12 Cleos!

In addition to the illustrated sewing instructions (hand and machine), cutting tips and pressing diagrams, there are TWO DOZEN worksheets in the Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book and ideas for choosing fabric.

The design book is free for a limited time ($20 value).

Go ahead, order and tell your friends, so they don’t miss it!


Templates for Cleopatra's Fan quilt

This optional Combo layout allows you to print and cut 6 shapes. Rotary cut the rows apart first and then rotary cut the rest.

You will have stitching lines, matching marks and precision corners on every shape to make the sewing faster and more precise.

If you are new to Inklingo, please have a look at the Main Beginner’s Page too.


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Introduction to Inklingo

If printing on fabric is new to you, you might want to see this video Introduction to Inklingo. It explains the three key ideas that make it possible to print templates on fabric.

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This article is just a quick overview. There is much more on the website.


The Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book ($20 value) is free for a limited time.

The special intro sale price of $25 on each of the 3 shape collections (4.5 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch) is supposed to end tonight at midnight but I have extended it until Friday the 13th at midnight—out of the goodness of Monkey’s heart.

Main Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Page

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New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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  1. I remember watching the video a few years ago and actually getting brave enough to try to rotary cut some curved pieces. I was amazed – rotary cutting curves is incredibly easy, but there is no way I’d have ever thought it was something I could do were it not for your video!
    I’m glad you have posted about it again, and hope it inspires others to try out cutting curved pieces with their rotary cutters!


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