Quilt Blocks with FREE Shapes – Part 2

We’re back!

Click on the image for a PDF with the step-by-step for this quilt with the free shapes. We used EQ5 this time. Or, click here.

The long rectangles in the inner border are not Inklingo-able, but everything else is.

The PDF should help you no matter which shapes you want to use. If you don’t have EQ (yet), it will show you how simple it is to use the software.


If you want to print the PDF (8 pages), it might only work if you use the print icon which appears when you hover near the bottom of the window (instead of using File >Print). You can also save the PDF on your computer.


Next time, we’ll share the EQ5 file.

We’ll be back soon, okay? In the meantime, you can get busy with your own designs!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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  1. NO, Sheron, it’s not too sappy — IMHO! We all love and appreciate Linda and her talents. I think it’s good to tell her so once in a while.


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