Jeu de Boules Willyne Hammerstein PDF

Print on fabric to sew Willyne’s lovely design for better results than with traditional quilt templates.

Sew by hand or machine or both (hybrid) or print templates for EPP.

Please order Passacaglia (cover of Millefiori 1), Ballet (cover of Millefiori 2), Tarantella (in Millefiori 3), Can Can (Millefiori 3), or Swinging Old Lady (Millefiori 4) for these shapes.


Jeu de Boules is one of the glowing quilts in Millefiori Quilts 4 by Willyne Hammerstein, published by Quiltmania.

IMPORTANT  You might already have everything you need without ordering anything more!

templates for Moncarapacho quilt Millefiori Quilts

Jeu de Boules Quilt Diamonds

Wilyne created this wonderful, complex design with only the two diamonds in the Ballet shape collection, so I have not created a shape collection for Jeu de Boules.

The diamonds are the same as the ones in Passacaglia (cover of Millefiori 1), Ballet (cover of Millefiori 2), Tarantella (in Millefiori 3), Can Can (Millefiori 3), and Swinging Old Lady (Millefiori 4), in a choice of sizes, so you may already have everything you need. You can check your account on the website and the Index of Shapes.

You might prefer Ballet 1.5 inch, Passacaglia (3 cm or 1.5-inch) or Tarantella (3 cm or 1.5-inch), Can Can (4 cm), or Swinging Old Lady, so please check the other options before you order.

Jeu de Boules Millefiori Quilts

Detailed diagrams for assembling the quilt top are in Willyne’s Millefiori Quilts 4 (the fourth book).

There is an added layer of complexity to Jeu de Boules because the blocks interlock and overlap each other.

Continuous stitching and “circling the intersection” by hand are perfect for this design.

Love the lines. Quilt more!


There are some good, short videos collected under a tab on the page for the Millefiori Quilts 1 book which show how Inklingo makes this design even more fun by hand or by machine, or a combination of both.


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