Curvy Hexie Star 1.5 inch PDF

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Print on fabric with Curvy Hexie Star 1.5-inch instead of using curved acrylic templates. Get better results thanks to the stitching lines and matches along the seams.

Sew the gentle curves in this small size by hand. If you intend to sew by machine, choose a larger size.

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This wonderful Curvy Hexie Star 1.5-inch design uses only one shape. The design possibilities are fascinating and so is the geometry.

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

templates for Curvy Hexie Star

The Curvy Hexie Star 1.5-inch shape collection includes the curvy hexie shape and the mirror image plus a bonus shape for more variations. The bonus shape is sometimes called a Twisted Triangle.

3-part Curvy Hexie 1.5 inch 60° Hexagon

Curvy Hexie Stars create some fabulous tessellated designs. There are worksheets in this shape collection.


Curvy Hexie Star clamshell shapes

With Inklingo lines printed on the fabric, you can sew some seams by hand and some seams by machine in larger sizes. There is a short video showing how I sew these curves. (tab)

shapes for Curvy Hexie Star

Two of the bonus shape equals one of the other shape (above).

There is a Curvy Hexie Star size comparison on the blog so you can choose from the FOUR sizes.

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF)

  • 2 shapes to print on fabric plus the mirror image
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • instructions for hand and machine piecing curves
  • notes about design variations and mirror image
  • precision corners and matching marks to make the sewing easier
  • ideal for fussy cutting
  • print shapes on charms and small scraps
  • choice of methods—hand or machine—although this size is small, so I sew them by hand
  • worksheets

fussy cut curvy hexie shapes for quilt1.5 inch 60°  hexagon

You can use this hexie with the shapes in the 60° Hexagon 1.5-inch shape collection for even more wonderful designs!

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Video How to Sew Curves

This technique works for any curvy shapes like Apple Core, Clamshell, Cleopatra’s Fan, Double Wedding Ring, Drunkard’s Path, Joseph’s Coat, and all of the others on the Main Shapes with Curves Page on the website.


Video How to Rotary Cut Curves

Video How to Rotary Cut Curves

Print templates on fabric with your Inkjet

The shapes are laid out to use fabric efficiently and can be rotary cut. Since the lines are printed on the fabric, you can use scissors if you prefer.

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  1. Cathi (verified owner)

    These are addictive to sew as can be! It’s impossible to just make a few. But I would never want to even begin to try making this design with anything but Inklingo to print the templates. The perfect stitching lines and matching points of Inklingo make curved piecing so effortless and such a joy!

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