Printing that FIRST Inklingo?

I have been getting great advice from the Inklingoists in the Yahoo group about what they would like me to say to Pat on Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio on Monday (April 12, 4:30). Some of my favs:

“Do tell her that a dyslexic 69 year old can do it.”

“Emphasize that machine piecers get as many benefits from Inklingo as hand piecers.”

“Point out that any old Inkjet printer works. I sometimes get the impression people think they have to buy a special or expensive printer.”

“How extremely simple those quite-difficult-to-make-quilts are to make with Inklingo … but also, that the books alone will give you all you need to get going.”

“Tell her it’s the best thing to happen to quilting since the rotary cutter.”

Let’s show everyone what we do with Inklingo!

Jeannette in Australia has made several of these with Inklingo

If you have a photo of an Inklingo project to share, please send it to Tilde so she can add it to the Inklingo Projects Blog before Monday. It doesn’t have to be a finished quilt.  Some of Jeannette’s Farmer’s Fancy blocks were just added, and they are spectacular. She made them with the Inklingo Dresden Plate Fancy collection.

The difficulty with Inklingo

The hardest part about Inklingo is explaining how easy it is. Many quilters understand in a nanosecond, but some think it is harder than it is.

There is a Quick Start Guide on the Inklingo web site, but some quilters have a really hard time deciding to print that FIRST sheet of fabric. It is a mental block. It would be great if you could look at that page and let me know if there is anything I could add or change to encourage the scaredy cats to Just Do It!

What was it that motivated you to print your first Inklingo?

Pat Sloan is an inspiration to me. I don’t know how she has time to write on her blog so often. I am going to try to write more here, following your suggestions.

More tomorrow, okay?

Linda & Monkey

P.S. The sale prices on the new Inklingo Storm At Sea collections ($20 instead of $25) has been extended from April 11 to April 14, so quilters who only find out about it on the radio show will benefit.

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