Print Clamshells on Charms and Pre-Cuts – Step 3

Rotary cut freezer paper


I cut several pieces of freezer paper (FP) 5 x 5.25 so I could print a stack of charms at once.

TIP  You can cut 6 sheets from 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 FP with one cool tip.

Overlap the two sheets by about 0.25 inch (plastic side to paper side) and press to create one big sheet about 15.75 x 11. Then cut 5 inch rows, stack and sub-cut so each sheet is 5.25 inches long. Label each one.

This technique of overlapping FP to create larger sheets is described in Chapter 1 of The Inklingo Handbook. The info in that chapter is so important and useful that I included it in the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection (page H41).

There is also more information about freezer paper in another article on the blog. It is one of the Top Ten Tutes (tab above).


Iron freezer paper to the right side of the fabric


Center the charm on the FP. Press the FP to the right side of the fabric, so you can print on the wrong side.

Press on both sides with a HOT, dry iron to get a good bond. (Print on fabric, best tips, is also in the Top Ten Tutes.)

I set up the ironing board near the printer and prepare several sheets, so I can  set up a little assembly line. A stack of fabric is printing while I am ironing the next sheets.


Freezer Paper 5 x 5.25


Put a stack of sheets in the tray of the printer.


Print dialog box

The popular Canon printers have a separate, smaller, upper paper tray (“cassette”) for small sheets of fabric. If the upper tray is to be used, it is indicated in the Print Dialog Box, as shown above.

If you are wondering about the trays your printer, the manuals are all online now, so you can google the printer and find it.


Print dialog box

Check the preview screen and the settings and then click to print!

That’s it!

Now you know how to print on charms and pre-cuts.


Rotary cut curves

Remove the freezer paper and cut on the lines!

Ready to sew!


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