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Paper Pieces for Hexagons

Most quilters use Inklingo to print on fabric and sew with a running stitch or by machine.

However, you can print on paper to make templates for EPP if that is the method you prefer!

paper pieces for POTC
paper pieces for POTC

   paper pieces for Millefiori Quilts  paper pieces for Millefiore Quilt Along

Some of the most common shapes for EPP are hexagons and diamonds.

Main Diamond Page
Main Hexagon Page

Main Jane Austen Page
Main Lucy Boston Page (POTC)
Main Millefiori Page (Passacaglia) 

These—and all of the other shape collections under the Shop & Goodies tab—can be used as PaperPiecesToPrint!

paper pieces for POTC

Print pages of shapes with Inklingo and rotary cut several layers at a time for perfect paper pieces.

  • Save money.
  • Perfect templates every time.
  • No waiting, no shipping cost.
  • Never run out of templates.
  • Choose your own template thickness.
  • Print on freezer paper to eliminate the glue!
  • Instant access.
  • Print as many as you like for personal use. (EULA)

TIPS for rotary cutting precise paper templates.  
SHOP for all the shapes.

8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for EPP

Every Inklingo shape collection (under the Shop & Freebies tab) includes the shapes WITHOUT seam allowances to print for templates, but there are even more advantages compared to buying traditional paper pieces, as described in 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for EPP on QuiltingHub.

There is an excellent article on Kerry’s blog about why she switched from EPP to Inklingo. 
Inklingo on Quilting HubSummary:
Print paper templates.

  1. Paper pieces to print for templates with or without seam allowances.
  2. Print and cut the fabric.
    Print one fabric, layer with unprinted fabric and rotary cut several layers at a time. Choice of layouts!
  3. Fussy cut the fabric.
    TWO methods! Traditional and No Waste Fussy Cutting
  4. Preview fabric with window templates.
  5. Decide how much fabric to buy.
    Illustrations show at a glance how much fabric you need!
    That information alone is worth the price of a shape collection. 
  6. Rescue an English Paper Piecing UFO. 
    This is one of the most popular pages on the website.  
  7. Create original  designs.
    You can never have too many designs! 
  8. Learn from Inklingo support and tutorials.
    Just one example: There is no charge for the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value, PDF download) when you buy any hexagons to print on fabric/paper.

You might think of even more! 


In fact, I do not recommend EPP for any shapes.

EPP is like making the quilt twice, first with paper and glue, and then, finally, the sewing. With Inklingo, just print, cut, and sew! “Love the lines”, not the templates and glue! Inklingo is the only way to go!” Sue in Wisconsin

Sewing with a running stitch is easier, faster, more portable and more precise than whip-stitching. (3 minute video)

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Inklingo. I wouldn’t go back to EPP if you paid me!  – Kerry in Ontario 

I’m on the Millefiori Passacaglia EPP Facebook page. So many of the posts talk about how long it takes to EPP and the prep work involved. It hurts my hands just reading about it. I cannot imagine EPP’g the Passacaglia quilt or any other quilt for that matter.  – Karen in Nova Scotia

paper pieces for POTC

Quilters who start with good intentions cannot always finish with EPP: 

  • Some quilters become discouraged with extremely slow progress—especially if they see other quilters finishing 3 or 4 beautiful POTC blocks with a running stitch in the time it takes to prepare and sew one with EPP.   
  • Some quilters experience pain if English Paper Piecing puts too much strain on their wrists and hands. Many quilters find the rhythm of a running stitch more relaxing and easier on their joints. 
  • Some quilters have problems rotary cutting because of bad knees or arthritis or carpal tunnel. They can use scissors to cut if they print lines on fabric with Inklingo—and keep the project alive! 
  • Some quilters dislike seeing stitches on the front or have difficulty getting precise intersections with EPP.
  • Some quilters find EPP templates too bulky to be truly portable. 
  • Some quilters find pre-cut papers too expensive and don’t want to pay shipping and wait for delivery.

Sewing with a running stitch is more precise and the stitches are hidden in the seam.

Just printed my first image. Wow EE. Fantastic feeling. My freezer paper arrived yesterday, so I just printed to see if I could. You have something awesome. Your site should be in every quilt store in America and every quilt book. Thank you, thank you for your imagination and following thru with your site.  – Carolyn in Virginia

hand piecing with freezer paper templates

If you are not ready to print on fabric (yet), there is another alternative: You can use the method taught in my Quilted Diamonds books instead of EPP. 

For this method, print Inklingo shapes without seam allowances on freezer paper for templates and draw the sewing lines on the fabric with a mechanical pencil. Drawing lines on the fabric manually takes more time than printing lines on fabric, but it is still a lot faster than basting and whip-stitching! There is a summary of the method on QuiltingHub.  

The Quilted Diamonds method of hand piecing with freezer paper templates is the method that inspired Inklingo in the first place. It is easier to learn and more portable than EPP for many quilters. There are many reasons to prefer freezer paper templates instead of acrylic templates too. 

hand piecing with freezer paper templates

The two-hour hand piecing lesson in Quilted Diamonds 2 is like taking a private lesson from me. The beautiful book and DVD are available again. 

More links:

teach hand piecing with Inklingo

Why Teach Inklingo?  (Free PDF, 2 pages)

paper pieces for POTC

Inklingo is also fabulous for hand-piecing. The lines are so accurate and clear. Much more accurate and faster than drawing with a template, and much faster to sew than EPP. – Fern in Singapore

See all the shapes! Shop & Freebies and Smart Shopper’s Idea Book

IMPORTANT  If you are new to Inklingo, I recommend starting with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

It includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook. With that and the Top Ten Tutes on the blog, you will be an expert in no time!