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End User License Agreement (EULA)

Inklingo US Patent 7,814,832

This is a preview of the EULA with minimal mumbo jumbo. You will be asked to agree to the terms when you check out with an Inklingo downloadable collection.

Dear Quilter,

Inklingo downloadable PDF files do not fit into the normal understanding of books or tools or software. This license is intended to balance your interests in having a fabulous product at a reasonable price, and my interests in making a living from my work. Please read this page.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy using Inklingo within the limits outlined here, and that you will accept and respect the terms. If you disagree with the terms, please do not order Inklingo.

Permitted                  Not permitted
single user                 sharing or re-selling
two computers           more than two computers
personal use only       commercial use

This license requires you to activate online. Activation on more than two computers may be permitted by Linda Franz, or it may be necessary to buy an additional license.

Inklingo is unique. Although it has a title, pages, words, and illustrations, it is not a traditional book. It has some characteristics of a book or ebook, but it is also a tool because it is used to perform an operation, by printing templates. The only reason to buy Inklingo downloadable files is to print the shapes.

Inklingo is protected by copyright and patent law. Permission to use Inklingo does not transfer ownership of the content or give you the right to share it.

1. You agree not to sell or lend Inklingo, or sell or lend your license to use it, to a third party, or to share the content with someone else without permission from Linda Franz. This is unlike an ordinary book, ruler or other tool.
2. You may make a copy of an Inklingo file on a CD or DVD for the exclusive purpose of data backup and you can use it on two computers (e.g laptop and desktop, or home and office), unlike a book, ruler or other tool.
3. You recognize that Inklingo relies on Adobe Reader and activation software which may eventually become unavailable or obsolete, beyond the control of Linda Franz. Paper books can last for hundreds of years, but they cannot print on fabric!
4. You make this agreement with Linda Franz. Since Inklingo downloadable files are only available from Linda Franz, not from shops or third parties, every license is a contract with Linda Franz.

It is a violation of law to redistribute, copy, clone, modify or alter Inklingo files in any way. Please respect the copy protection on the file. As with all copyrights, only the copyright holder, Linda Franz, has the right to give copies away for free.

Limitation of Liability Compensation for wasted time or fabric and other indirect damage are explicitly excluded, without a willful, intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Linda Franz. Reasonable efforts are made to ensure that each Inklingo file is perfect, but errors may occur.

Termination This agreement and the right to use Inklingo will become null and void in the event of breach of this contract. You are then obligated to delete the file from your computers, and are obligated to provide written assurance that the deletion has occurred.

Laws Any and all disputes in connection with this contract are exclusively subject to the laws of Ontario, Canada. The rights and obligations of the parties arising from this contract are based on Ontario law, even in the event that the breach of contract takes place in a foreign country. Place of jurisdiction is Toronto, Ontario.  

No other agreement or amendment can be made to the license, except in writing and confirmed by Linda Franz.

If you have any questions, please write to me at linda@lindafranz.com and include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Thank you!

Linda Franz
2040 Watson Drive,
Burlington ON L7R 3X4 Canada



Inklingo Shape Collections © Linda Franz 2006 - 2021  US Patent 7,814,832

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