NEW Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring (GWR)

Golden Wedding Ring

There are two new shape collections for Golden Wedding Ring (GWR).

Quilters asked for it. We listened.

All of the details are on the Main Golden Wedding Ring Page.

This elegant, sophisticated design might be simpler to sew than you imagine. Inklingo always makes every step easier but there is a special circumstance for GWR because I was able to modify the shapes to make the cutting, the sewing and the pressing even better!

Golden Wedding Ring Quilt

The curves in GWR are very gentle When I first drew the shapes for Golden Wedding Ring, the diamond shape above had a slight curve—a very slight curve.

Golden Wedding Ring quilt shapes

Those curves slow down the rotary cutting . . .

Golden Wedding Ring quilt shape variation

. . . so I tried again with straight sides (above) . . .


Golden Wedding Ring

. . . and I love the results.

Soon I was re-drawing all of the shapes to make the cutting and sewing easier. That’s what Inklingo is all about.

I have much more to say but I know many quilters have been waiting for this, so I’ll just make the announcement and share more in a few days.

Introduction to Inklingo

New to printing on fabric? This is a good place to start. Main Beginner’s Page.

There is much more to say about Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring. As you can see, it is perfect for fussy cutting and you can sew by hand OR by machine (or both).

For now, I think you will want to jump in on the low intro sale price.

Main Golden Wedding Ring Page

The Design Book is FREE for a limited time. I can hardly wait to see what you create with these shapes.

Thank you for visiting. See you in a few days.

Linda & Monkey in Canada

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