Inklingo Double Wedding Ring or Golden Wedding Ring?

Inklingo DWR and GWR

I’ve taken a little vacation time this summer, so it has been a few weeks since you heard from me—but I have some good news to share!


  • The difference between DWR and GWR.
  • New GWR Design Book and shape collections coming soon.
  • NOTE:  Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book will be $10 when the new design book is published. (All design books are free when you buy the related shapes.).


Print shapes on fabric for Golden Wedding Ring.

Printing the cutting and stitching lines on fabric with Inklingo and your ordinary Inkjet printer makes complex quilts easier to finish than ever before. These designs are difficult with acrylic templates—but Inklingo makes them achievable for more quilters.

What is the difference between DWR and GWR?

Compare Golden Wedding Ring with Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring and Golden Wedding Ring

Both DWR and GWR are continuous designs with overlapping rings. GWR is on a hexagon grid, so the center is surrounded by 6 rings instead of 4.

The graceful curves make an exquisite quilt and GWR is ideal for featuring large designs or fussy cutting.


Golden Wedding Ring block

I’ve learned everything I can about the shapes in GWR, so I was able to design the layouts to simplify the cutting, sewing, and pressing.

Hooray! More quilters will be able to get great results—and that is what Inklingo is all about.

Monkey says, You’re welcome.


Golden Wedding Ring Queen Size Quilt

I think you will love the wonderful possibilities with these shapes!


Golden Wedding Ring small quilt

Sometimes less is more.

With these new GWR shapes, there is something for everyone. Hand piece? YES. Machine piece? YES. Rotary cut? YES. Scissors cut. YES. Fussy cut? YES or No, your choice.


Before the end of September, and today is the 25th. I’m down to the wire.

I will publish a new GWR Design Book and two GWR shape collections.

As usual, the new Golden Wedding Ring Design Book will be free for a limited time whether you buy the GWR shapes or not. (Of course, Inklingo design books are always free when you buy the related shapes.)


Inklingo Cleopatra's Fan

Cleopatra’s Fan has nothing to do with GWR except that I wanted to be sure to give you a few days notice, so that you can get the Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book while it is still FREE.

The Cleo design book has been free since it was introduced but it will be $10 (half price or free with the shapes) when the new GWR Design Book is released, so if you don’t have this wonderful design inspiration yet, this is your chance.


Introduction to Inklingo

If you are new to printing on fabric, I recommend starting with the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection ($20 value) because it includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook and some great shapes to print on fabric. There is video and more info on the Main Beginner’s Page.


Fussy Cut Golden Wedding Ring quilt block

The center of Golden Wedding Ring is perfect for fussy cutting!

There are many decisions when I create a new shape collection, starting with the sizes and the number of shapes to include.

I decided to put the emphasis on the fussy cutting options instead of on multi-part rings. However, I will be listening, so there could be an add-on. Stay tuned!

I have had a wonderful summer working less and spending time in the fresh air, so the new design book took longer than it normally would. I hope you will think that it is worth the wait.

I’ll be back as soon as GWR is ready for you. In the meantime, you might want to check out Double Wedding Ring—and get the Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt Design Book while it is still free.

Thank you for visiting. See you in a few days.

Linda & Monkey in Canada

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  1. We have had an incredible, and wonderfully long, summer in Southern Ontario – no one could blame you for enjoying every second of it! The anticipation has been fun and just reading about your process when creating the collections has been informative and shown us the phenomenal amount of thought and care you put into Inklingo collections. It’s definitely well worth the wait!


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