Lucy Boston Patchworks in Japan

Very exciting news!

Lucy Boston’s Patchworks will be on display at the Tokyo Dome in January in a special exhibit at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival!

Her quilts are a special feature as described on the Tokyo Dome website.


The show runs from Thursday January 25th to Wednesday January 30, 2013.

Diana Boston told me that the quilt collection has been to Japan twice already and there is a strong connection with the publisher of the Green Knowe books.

If you get the chance, this is one amazing quilt show.


You can get a preview of the quilts in Diana Boston’s wonderful book, but there is nothing better than seeing the quilts in person!

To prepare for your trip, here are a few links related to Lucy Boston and The Patchwork of the Crosses:

That list is NOT complete! You can search the blog for more with terms like “Lucy” or “POTC”  (short for Patchwork of the Crosses), for more.

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I hope you can jump on a plane and get to Tokyo in January!

Linda & Monkey

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  1. How wonderful! Thanks, Linda and Monkey, for making re-inventions of Lucy’s quilts so available to those who would Inklingo them! And what hotel are you three staying at in Tokyo? I would like to book a room… ;)> Jack


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