Inklingo’s Fresh Start

Inklingo shapes to print on fabric or paper

If you received a notification about this blog article, you are part of a small, special group.

Blog emails have not been delivered properly for a while, so I’m making a fresh start. I am creating new articles and just sending notifications to a few quilters at a time until I reach everyone again.

Inklingo LeMoyne Star

I am sorry if you have not heard from me for a while. Recently, Google (gmail) and other email services have made big changes that make it harder than ever to be a guest in your Inbox.

If you never open my emails or click on the link to the blog, my emails may not be delivered to you anymore. They might be filtered into “Promotions” or spam.

If you want to receive emails from me and the All About Inklingo blog (and I hope you do), it is a good idea to add to your contact list and open the emails when you receive them (approx 4 – 8 per month). I only send from—never anything else.

If you don’t want to hear from me, it is easy to click on the link in the email and be removed from the list but I hope you will continue to subscribe.

New blog layout

The new layout shows Leave a Comment and Comments at the top. Subscribe is at the side (or below, on mobile) and Search is there now too. All of the content since 2009 is searchable.

There are a few recent articles you might have missed, like . . . .

Ricky Tims and Diane Kirkhart talk about Inklingo

. . . Diane Kirkhart’s demo of Inklingo on The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims, and . . .

Inklingo Live Video 06

. . . my Live video demo of Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses with hybrid piecing (hand plus machine), and . . .

Silent Garden Star with Inklingo

. . . the Silent Garden video.

I have plans for more live videos and new shape collections, so I hope you will want to stay tuned.

I’m glad you are here now. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey


2 thoughts on “Inklingo’s Fresh Start”

  1. Dear Annika,
    It is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know you have found good ways to stay in touch.
    All of the technical stuff about email delivery and API and SMTP and whitelisting is driving me nuts. I would much rather be sewing or designing new shape collection and preparing for more live videos! Thank you for understanding.

  2. Dear Linda, I am sorry this has become such a hassle. I have not received email notifications for a while, and I use a hotmail address ( Also, I always, always open your emails!
    They are not in my spam folder (I check almost daily, because a lot of very welcome emails end up there).
    But, I made it a habit to check your Facebook page regularly (because I don’t have an FB account) and I get blog updates when I check my WordPress reader, so I haven’t missed anything!


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