Encore Presentation of the Sixth LIVE Inklingo Video

The video has been edited to remove the first 15 minutes, when there was an audio problem..W


Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)
The video is about Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

The demonstrations include:

  • Diana Boston’s book, The Patchworks of Lucy Boston (limited quantities available in the Shop)
  • a tour of Lucy Boston’s POTC quilt, close up
  • demo showing how to get a fast start by chain piecing hexagons from crosshair to crosshair by machine
  • demo of hand piecing, including sewing kit and how to move from one seam to the next continuously
    Patchwork of the Crosses variation
  • demo preparing the fabric sheets for printing
  • demo printing custom size
  • demo rotary cutting several layers at a time
  • demo English Paper Piecing Rescue, if you started with EPP but want to finish faster
  • demo using scraps of freezer paper and scraps of fabric
  • POTC quilts by Mary in Wisconsin, Kathy in Mexico, Fern in Singapore and Carol in Panama
  • my simplified variation of Patchwork of the Crosses
  • mini tour of the shape collection
  • mini tour of the website including the Main Lucy Boston Page (Shop)
  • mini tour of the blog, including the FREE EQ project files

<whew> We covered a lot!
.Mary Quilt Show Poster

I showed Mary’s POTC quilt and gave info about the Quilt Show in Whitewater Wisconsin. but that was lost when I cut the no-audio section.

If you can get to Whitewater by February 25, you can see about 20 of Mary’s amazing quilts, and if you are lucky, you will meet Mary too.

Many of the quilts on display were made with Inklingo. Mary has been using Inklingo since 2006.

The Dreaded Blue Screen
The Dreaded Blue Screen gives me the shivers!

During my rehearsals with the new equipment, I got the blue screen MANY times. Through trial and error, I learned that I had to attach the cameras and open each piece of software in a particular sequence to avoid crashing the computer.

Unwittingly, I did my sound test as soon as the mike was plugged in but I added more equipment afterwards and that seems to have muted the audio. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Live Inklingo Video 06

I can avoid that mistake next time . . . but Monkey says, I’m sure to think of a new boo-boo.

Please tell your friends about the video because they probably did not get an email.

When I posted on Friday to announce the LIVE video, the email notification was only sent to about 10% of the quilters who subscribe to the blog. The website programmer has been working on the problem this weekend. It looks as if there is an expensive solution. <sigh>


Inklingo Live Video 06

I learned a lot doing this latest LIVE video. The new equipment is definitely better and the software is easier for a non-geek to manage. I am looking forward to doing more of these LIVE videos. If you want to know when, it is a good idea to check the Inklingo Facebook Page frequently.

Please remember that you cannot count on Facebook to show you anything from Inklingo anymore, even when you have liked the page. They made big changes in January to try to make me to pay to add my posts to your feed. Since these are FREE videos, I would rather not have to pay.

Introduction to Inklingo

I hope you will share info about Inklingo with your friends. If you do, this short video is a good intro.

I still have to add Live 06 to the  summary of the other LIVE videos on the website. (Click on the Video tab.)

Thank you to everyone who has been watching live while I learn how to do all of this. See you later?

Linda & Monkey


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