Inklingo Live Video # 6 on Facebook Tonight

I am going to try to do a LIVE video tonight with the new “studio.”

Better cameras, better software, and lots of good things to show you!

Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)
I will be printing and sewing Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

Do you know someone who has made POTC blocks but has not joined them together yet? This is for them too.

Even if you aren’t sewing a POTC, the tips and hints will help with any other design. Please tell your friends.

The SIXTH live video will be FRIDAY FEBRUARY 16 at 7 pm Eastern Time on the Inklingo Facebook Page.

You can find out what time that is in your time zone at World Time Buddy.

When you find the video on the Inklingo Facebook Page there is no sound until you hover over it and click on the speaker (lower right corner).

The video should to play immediately. If it doesn’t,  please try refreshing the page. That should get it going.

The reason I say I will “try” to do a live video tonight is that there will be plumbers in the house this afternoon doing some work, including replacing our water softener. We already know we are the last job of the day. If they are here late, I will do the live video some time Saturday instead. Maybe afternoon. .

I have everything ready and I am excited to be using the new equipment, so I really want to do it tonight. If I can’t, I will let you know on Facebook, so you know when to tune in, okay?

If you miss it LIVE event, you will be able to watch the replay here within a few days.

Introduction to Inklingo

This short video is a good intro to Inklingo, so you might want to watch or re-watch it before LIVE # 6.

Just in case you missed them, there is a summary of the other LIVE videos on the website. Click on the Video tab.

If you leave a LIVE comment, it is fun to know where you are while you watch.. .

In some of the other LIVE videos, groups of friend have watched “together” and left comments back and forth for each other. Everything is more fun with friends, so I hope you will bring a friend too.

See you later!

Linda & Monkey


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