Inklingo Triangles – New Collection

The best Half Square Triangles (HST) from Inklingo

Need Some Half Square Triangles?

Almost all of the Inklingo # 1 and # 2 CDs are gone now—just a handful left.

To replace the CDs, all of the shapes will be available in smaller downloadable collections. Monkey and I have several of the new collections in a half-finished state or close-to-finished, but yesterday we were finally able to get one all-the-way-finished. Whew! The rest will come soon.

Replacing Shape Collection # 2 (Triangles)

Quilters who already have the Shape Collection # 2 CD (2006) have all of the sizes of HST in this download (and more).

The downloadable shape collection HST00B is better!

  faster operation because the PDF is saved on the hard drive, not working from the CD drive
  precision corners for easier sewing, because all of the HST have been re-drawn with dog ears marked
  matching marks for easier pinning
  suggested custom page sizes make it easier to use fabric efficiently
  and more

See all about it on the website!

The main reasons that quilters prefer the downloads are immediate delivery (no postage!), it works on Mac (without Windows), and each triangle is provided in two layouts for more flexibility.

Half Square Triangles from Inklingo

Sometimes you need one, sometimes you need the other!

Half Square Triangles from Inklingo

Linda & Monkey
Inklingo precision corners
P.S. There is more info in the Triangle Tips PDF (free)!

2 thoughts on “Inklingo Triangles – New Collection”

  1. Hey Sweetie,
    Thank you. This is great. I am going to give mine away to someone who needs. Is that OKAY with you?

  2. Very cool Linda! And it looks like you revamped the triangle shapes to include the cut-off bunny ears that the original didn’t have! Thanks for all you do!!! This is great news!


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