Inklingo Silent Garden Sale Ending

Silent Garden star

I am having a wonderful time sewing these stars into roses for my Silent Garden!

New Inklingo Silent Garden Shape Collections


NEW Silent Garden 2 inch shape collection

NEW Silent Garden 3 cm shape collection (original size)

I wasn’t going to blog today but the intro sale price on Silent Garden ends tonight at midnight, so Monkey insists I remind you.

Silent Garden templates to print

$25 is a great price but $20 is even better.

Silent Garden star

Some of the seams are sewn by hand and some by machine.

Silent Garden star

I finish one . . .

Silent Garden star

. . . and can’t resist starting the next!

Silent Garden star

I am more than half way now, thanks to having the lines printed on the fabric.

Silent Garden star

I hope you enjoy Silent Garden as much as I do.


Silent Garden Star

Just in case you missed them, here are a few highlights of the first three live videos.

FIRST Live Inklingo Video
Example of ironing and printing with the free shape collection. Two good tips for using freezer paper. A little tour of the website. And more.

SECOND Live Inklingo Video
Sewing hexagon flowers by hand and by machine. Rotary cutting. Pressing hexagon flowers. And more.

THIRD Live Inklingo Video
Printing on dark fabric, Sewing Silent Garden by hand and by machine. Continuous stitching by hand. Circling the intersection. Tips for fussy cutting. And more.

Inklingo Live Video #3

I am planning Live Video 04 now. I will announce it here, so you can be the first to see what new bloopers I create.

All of this technical stuff is amazing to me, so I am sure there will be more mistakes.

Introduction to Inklingo

I wish there was a shortcut to learning all this new video equipment. The good news is that there is a shortcut to learning how to print with Inklingo. FREE. Only 8 minutes. Compared to live video, this is easy peasy.

Please bring your friends in 2018. Happy New Year!

Linda & Monkey

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  1. I love your website….I am ready to buy a new printer and was wondering if you had suggestions for some that are best for printing one either paper or fabric…i have used a Canon older copier and it has worked okay but am ready for a better one……any preferences? Thanks!


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