Inklingo Pie & Tarts

Sue Daley of Busy Fingers Patchwork and I have cooked up a treat for you! The recipe was prepared in Australia and the shapes were cooked in Canada. You can have fresh, hot Inklingo Pies and Tarts anywhere in the world, instantly!

Sue and I both received requests from quilters who wanted to make her Pie & Tarts quilt with Inklingo, so we worked together on this Shape Collection. Sue is an expert paper piecer and specializes in patterns for English Paper Piecing (EPP).

It’s such a fabulous scrappy design. Sue agreed that it should be available to quilters who love machine piecing or hand piecing with a running stitch, not just paper piecers.

With Inklingo, the curves are easy to sew by machine or by hand. There is also a layout to print on background fabric for back-basting, if you prefer appliqué instead of piecing.

Whether you choose English Paper Piecing or Inklingo, you can fussy cut the shapes and use up your scraps.

As usual, this Inklingo Shape Collection includes the test page, notes about printing on fabric, and the Catalogue of Shapes.

Sue’s pattern includes her directions for English Paper Piecing and for appliquéing the circles to background squares.

I have summarized some tips for machine piecing—chain piecing, stitching curves, and pressing, in a small PDF file which is available on the Inklingo Pie & Tarts page (scroll down to the bottom).

Russ is famous for his flaky pastry in apple pie (with cheddar cheese in the crust), butter tarts (a Canadian specialty), and tiny savory quiches, but thanks to Sue, I was able to do Pie & Tarts.

Thank you, Sue, for helping me with this wonderful design. I hope we will work together with more shapes in the future!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start  (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

12 thoughts on “Inklingo Pie & Tarts”

  1. Pies and tarts will be a hit! both the edible and the pieced version. I am itching to get started on this one. I may do some circles interspersed through out as well. Both collections are going to be great fun to work with. I will post on my blog as soon as I get some stitching done this afternoon…..

  2. Thankyou Linda and Sue!!!!! You make a great team. And thanks go to Russ also for doing his part in the pies and tarts. I have been waiting for this one.

  3. Read about this on my I phone before falling asleep last night. With a cup of coffee in hand I just ordered these! Thanks so much for your hard work! That pie looks great, Russ!

  4. Soon as I finish my coffee I am headed to the studio to make my order for the Pies and Tarts – hope to have a sample or two made up by the time the day is over. Thank you Linda and Sue – this is a gorgeous pattern just perfect for scrappy quilters like me!

  5. ….Mmmm. As we say in our home: Als er taart is, is het feest!
    [When there is pie or cake, it’s a party!] I think we are going to have a party this weekend…:-) Congratulations, Linda, Monkey & Russ!

  6. Hi Joan, Russ really gets a lot of attention for his great pastry. It is one of many talents. I will get him to scan the recipe for you. He does all of the meal planning, the grocery shopping, and the cooking, so I can do what I do. He says it’s a matter of survival, but he’s a great cook and I’m not!


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