Inklingo Live Video # 5 on Facebook Tonight

Inklingo Live Video for LeMoyne Stars

On Thursday and Friday, I sewed MANY LeMoyne Stars in various sizes by machine with the video camera running, to prepare for tonight.

The webcam goes out of focus but when I film in advance, I can use a better camera.

LeMoyne Star with Inklingo

EVERY star turned out perfectly but I can’t say as much for the videos.

# 1
Unfortunately, when I am sitting down, the camera has a better view than I do. The camera blocked the view of the needle-down and reverse buttons, so there was too much fumbling around. Let’s do that again.

# 2
Standing up. Perfection!—except that I forgot to press the Record button.

LeMoyne Star with Inklingo

# 3
Sewing a close-up of an 8-inch star. It turned out perfectly but when I watched the replay, I thought the details would show better with smaller pieces.

# 4, # 5, # 6
It became obvious that I was too tired to remember everything.

Thursday night I decided I would do better after a good night’s sleep and I could go live on Saturday instead.

Spare bobbins, spare pieces, spare battery, spare everything, and more stars printed and ready to sew.

It took ALL day.

LeMoyne Star with Inklingo

All going well until the battery died. No problem! Pop in a new battery. Unfortunately, I forgot to press the Record button when I re-started.

I blame it on my achy back, which does not like standing hunched over a camera to sew.

LeMoyne Star with Inklingo

# ???
Almost finished! but the memory card filled up.

Note to self: That beeping means it is not recording anymore.

LeMoyne Star by Machine

# whatever
Last Star. I’ll take it.  <sigh>

The FIFTH  live video will be SATURDAY JANUARY 27 at 7 pm Eastern Time on the Inklingo Facebook Page.

What time is the live video where you are? You can find out at World Time Buddy.

All you have to do is visit the Inklingo Facebook Page. There is no sound until you hover over the video and click on the speaker in the lower right corner.

If you don’t see the video start to play immediately, please try refreshing the page. That should get it started.

Hybrid POTC - Patchwork of the Crosses

By the way, if you happen to tune in and see me sewing hexagons for POTC, it’s a BONUS.

If you leave a LIVE comment, please let me know where you are.
. .

Introduction to Inklingo

Your homework for tonight is simpler than mine. If you haven’t seen it lately, you might want to review this short video about printing on fabric. It’s a great intro to Inklingo.

I hope you will be watching tonight and leave a comment.

If you miss the LIVE event, you will be able to watch the replay on the blog.

Please bring a friend. Thank you for watching!

Linda & Monkey


2 thoughts on “Inklingo Live Video # 5 on Facebook Tonight”

  1. Happy Birthday to your MIL, Susan!
    I think you have your priorities right. 90 is a big celebration and you can always watch the video later. I’m glad you enjoy what I do!

  2. I won’t be able to watch tonight as we are having a 90th birthday party for my MIL, but I will definitely watch it on your blog. Thank you so much for doing the videos!


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