Inklingo Le Grand Désert 4 Sizes

Le Grand Désert Millefiori Quilts 3

We love this design by Willyne Hammerstein so much that we made it available in FOUR sizes!

Le Grand Desert quilt templates original size

After the blog was published last time, some quilters asked for more information about the size of the “Dresden Plates” in Le Grand Désert, so they could compare.

Le Grand Desert in 4 sizes

The original size (100%) is illustrated above.

2 inch circle, 2.8 inch edge of kite, 9 inches across the plate.

1.5 inch circle, 2.1 inch edge of kite, 6.75 inches across.

2.5 inch circle, 3.5 inch edge of kite, 11.25 inches across.

3 inch circle, 4.2 inch edge of kite, 13.5 inches across.

Size of Le Grand Desert

This photo shows the kites in the original size with Monkey and my mechanical pencil. That might give you a sense of scale but the actual numbers are:

Long side of kite is almost 1.5 inch and the small star is a little more than 4 inches across the middle from point to point.

Long side of kite is a little more than 1 inch and the star is a little more than 3 inches across.

Long side of kite is approximately 1.75 inch and the star is a little more than 5 inches across.

Long side of kite is a little more than 2 inches and the star is a little more than 6 inches across.

Le Grand Desert in 4 sizes

The measurements of the center of the quilt are in my previous article. NEW Le Grand Désert,from Inklingo

No matter what size you prefer, this is an intriguing and unusual design and easy to sew when you print the shapes with Inklingo.

Le Grand Desert quilt by machine

I am machine piecing the small stars and chain piecing the blades of the plates to get a fast start and then sewing by hand to add the circle and surrounding shapes. I can sit and sew while Russ and I watch hockey on TV. (Canadian, eh. Go Leafs!)

Willyne fussy cut ALL of the stars and ALL of the plates in her spectacular Le Grand Désert (previous article). She sews by hand with a running stitch.

Print Le Grand Desert templates


I am doing some “No Waste Fussy Cutting” (printing 6 identical sheets of fabric to get identical sets of shapes) and some “Swiss Cheese Fussy Cutting” using window templates and the shapes without seam allowances printed on freezer paper.

I’ll share photos of my fussy cutting next time. Everything is easier when you print the shapes instead of using acrylic templates.

Introduction to Inklingo

You can start printing on fabric with your Inkjet printer now. Main Beginner’s Page

A beautiful quilt like this does not need to take forever. Love the lines. Quilt more!

Le Grand Désert Millefiori Quilts 3

Inklingo is a great value any time but when I introduce new shapes, the price is extra low for the first week or so. Main Millefiori Page  When you buy Le Grand Désert, I also add the Inklingo Dresden Plate Design Book (PDF to download, 72 pages, $20 value).

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will come back next time for some fussy cutting tips.

Linda & Monkey

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  1. Thanks sooooo much for the sizes. Now I can decide which size I want to start with. LOVE the pattern, and LOVE your black/red blocks on this email!!! Yay! So excited!


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