Fussy Cutting Le Grand Désert

Le Grand Desert Dresden Plate

There are two methods of fussy cutting with Inklingo, so it is perfect for a design like Le Grand Désert in Millefiori Quilts 3 by Willyne Hammerstein.

Le Grand Desert by Willyne Hammerstein

Willyne fussy cut ALL of the stars and ALL of the plates.

fussy cut templates for Le Grand Desert

For the small 6-pointed stars, I printed both window templates and shapes without seam allowances with Inklingo.

I have written in detail about using Inklingo for traditional Swiss Cheese Fussy Cutting with Lucy Boston Patchwork or the Crosses as an example.

Freezer paper has MANY advantages over using acrylic templates for fussy cutting.

Fussy Cut Le Grand Desert

There are twelve blades in each plate. With Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting, I would need to print 12 identical sheets of fabric to get sets of 12 identical blades.

However, I do not have enough fabric to print 12 identical sheets of this fabric, so I  fussy cut 6 of the blades and printed the other 6 blades with from a complementary fabric, and . . .

Fussy Cut Le Grand Desert

. . . I like the effect!

6 blades fussy cut, 6 blades not fussy cut.

(I’m considering replacing the circle with a darker fabric. The background fabric is used for the circles in the original Le Grand Désert, but I think it looks like a hole with these contrasting fabrics.)

Each star is a little work of art.

Print templates for Le Grand Desert

There are three layouts for Le Grand Désert blades, so you have a choice of straight grain and can use the fabric very efficiently. A choice of layouts makes it easy to use up scraps too.

All of the layouts are suitable for rotary cutting OR cutting with scissors.

Introduction to Inklingo

This video gives a brief intro to printing on fabric with Inklingo but if you have questions, there is support too. Main Beginner’s Page

More about Le Grand Désert:

I intended to post this yesterday, so I have extended the low introductory sale price until tonight at midnight.

When you buy Le Grand Désert, I also add the Inklingo Dresden Plate Design Book (PDF to download, 72 pages, $20 value).

We are all such fans of fussy cutting, thanks to Lucy Boston. Thank you for visiting. More soon!

Linda & Monkey

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  1. your programs are wonderful I first met you when you were just getting your program going at the dear jane retreat in shipshewana. I bought your first program and worked wonderfully. I also have the diamonds program you have made so many quilters very happy Thanks Linda
    Sincerely Debbie Kelly


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