How to Sew Curves by Hand – Apple Core

Print Apple Core on scraps

I printed some of the new Apple Core shapes on 5 x 5 inch charms, so I could show you how I hand piece these gentle curves.

This video is an introduction to hand piecing curves.

Sometimes I sew Apple Core by hand and sometimes by machine.

As you may know, when I hand piece, I normally only pin one match at a time and keep moving the pin from one match to the next but this time I had a little pile of Apple Core shapes pinned and ready for machine piecing, so I demonstrated hand piecing with the whole seam pinned in advance. Try it both ways and see what you prefer.

Links mentioned in the video.

Start Printing on Fabric with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection ($20 value)

Apple Core 3 inch

NEW Apple Core 3 inch shape collection

See other sizes of Apple Core and all Inklingo shapes.

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Pins

Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Pins

Quilted Diamonds books by Linda Franz

Every Quilted Diamonds 2 book includes a two-hour lesson on DVD. It’s like taking a private lesson with me.

Inklingo Finger Pin Cushion

VIDEO How to Make a Finger Pincushion

Everything is easier when you print the shapes on fabric. Inklingo really is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.


NEW Apple Core 3 inch The low-low price will be gone soon, so don’t delay!

OLD Apple Core 2 inch

Main Shapes with Curves Page (under the Shop tab)

Fussy Cut Apple Core

Intro to Apple Core The design possibilities are endless.

More about Apple Core coming soon. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey


10 thoughts on “How to Sew Curves by Hand – Apple Core”

  1. I was smiling the entire time I watched this video – it was so nice to see you sewing the shapes! Thanks to the lessons in Quilted Diamonds, now I look for opportunities that involve curved piecing as there really is nothing as relaxing as sewing curves.

    Those pins are absolutely fantastic. They’re even finer than the #12 sharps, I think.
    Now I’m tempted to print some of these shapes on a charm pack this afternoon and sew a few together – I need a curved piecing project!

    • Oh, Cathi! I think of you every time I introduce new curved shapes. Monkey whispers in my ear, “Cathi is going to like this one!” You and I are kindred spirits.

  2. Linda, just to verify: the new 3” Inklingo Apple Core fits onto a 5” charm, right?

    Thanks! And congrats on another super shape!

    • Good news, Dorothy. The new 3 inch Apple Core does fit onto a 5 inch charm. I cut the freezer paper 5 x 5.5 and position the swatch a little LESS than 1/4 inch from the leading edge. It shows accurately in the photo on the blog and in the video.

  3. Hello Linda,

    Thank you for the new shape collection. I have wanted to make this type of quilt for a very long time. So now thanks to you I can. I purchased the shape collection. and I have the fabric I need. So this afternoon I will start this project.

    Best regards,

    • Thank you very much for your order, Louise. I am delighted that you like Apple Core designs too. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your new shapes.


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