Help for Haiti from Canadians—and YOU

The situation in Haiti is heartbreaking.  The scenes on TV are horrific.  It is unbearable to think of the suffering.

I made a personal donation to the Canadian Red Cross yesterday, earmarked for Haiti, and the Canadian government will match it.  I want to do more.  The need is for money that can be spent efficiently by recognized relief organizations.  They need cold, hard cash.

For every order placed on my web site  by midnight tomorrow night (Sunday, 17 January) I will donate 25% to the Canadian Red Cross on Monday.  Depending on the response, I am hoping to be able to repeat this.

For example, you pay $45 for Dresden Plate Fancy or Inklingo # 3.
I will donate $11.25 to the Canadian Red Cross.
The Canadian Government will add $11.25 to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, managed by The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Another example: If you pay $25.00 for a download, 25% is $6.25 ($13.50 with the matching funds).

Another example: If you pay $6.00 for Monkey Exercise # 1, 25% is $1.50 ($3.00 with the matching funds).

Many Haitians live on less than $1.50 a day.

The Canadian government is matching contributions made to charities for the Haiti Relief Fund made by Canadians.  There are specific rules.  According to the CBC News Channel, the response has been unprecedented.  The government has already announced that the initial $50 million is not a firm ceiling.  This fund is in addition to the extra military personnel, relief workers, ships, helicopters, and other resources that the government of Canada has committed to Haiti since Tuesday.

Canada has a long history of involvement with Haiti.  Our Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, was born there, and there are thousands of Canadians with Haitian ancestry.  Even without that connection, this catastrophe speaks to our hearts because these are people like us, only poorer and without the advantages of being born in Canada or another prosperous country.  They need help desperately.

According to the rules, (linked above) although the Canadian government will not match donations made by a business from existing resources, it will match amounts from events undertaken to raise money from individuals in response to the earthquake, so you MUST add this note on your order:  Donate 25% to Haiti relief.

Let’s all count our blessings.

Linda & Monkey

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