Donation to the Canadian Red Cross

First thing this morning, I was able to make an online donation to the Canadian Red Cross for $400, including 25% of all orders on Saturday and Sunday, and a little more of my own.  This will be matched by the Canadian Government, dollar for dollar, so this brief event has added $800 to the relief effort in Haiti. This money is available to the Red Cross immediately.

The government of Haiti was never a good one, but the best government in the world could not possibly protect its citizens from this kind of catastrophe.

Canada has sent 2000 military personnel, ships, planes, helicopters, medical supplies, etc, and was very quick to expedite the adoption process and immigration process last week.  The Canadian government is matching contributions from Canadians up to $50 million.  So far, Canadians have donated $22.2 million to the Canadian Red Cross alone. That represents just individual donations. It excludes donations by Canadian companies. This is a huge amount from a country with about one-tenth of the population of the US (Canadian pop 33 million).

We take hope from the number of countries that are helping to save Haiti.

Thank you very much to the quilters who placed orders during this time.  One quilter from Ohio deliberately placed an order for a shape collection she already has and asked me to contribute the whole amount to Haiti Relief.  It will have double the effect, thanks to the Canadian government.

Count your blessings and hug your loved ones.  I am.

Linda & Monkey

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